Corporate Responsibility

Renewable Energy

Altova is dedicated to lessening the effects that greenhouse gasses and air pollution are having on the quality of our environment. By purchasing clean renewable energy, Altova is helping reduce dependence on fossil fuels, fight the global climate change, and through carbon neutrality reduce our environmental footprint, to provide a healthier environment for our families, friends, and customers.

Altova offsets all of the carbon emissions produced in powering its US headquarters by purchasing renewable energy credits from Renewable Choice Energy. Every time a renewable energy producer adds electricity to the national electric grid, it earns renewable energy credits (RECs). By purchasing RECs to offset the entire electricity consumption of our US headquarters we ensure that the specific amount of electricity that we consume is replaced on the national grid with clean, carbon-free electricity.

Our purchases of 144,000 kWh prevents over 200,000 pounds of CO2 pollution annually. This has the same environmental impact as:

  • Not burning 107, 653 pounds of coal
  • Planting 2,646 fully-mature trees
  • Not driving a typical car 218,830 miles

Learn more about Renewable Choice Energy: Altova, Inc. is an EPA Green Power Partner, recognized for purchasing green power in amounts that meet EPA’s requirements to help reduce the risks associated with climate change by supporting technologies that are more sustainable for businesses and communities.


Altova has switched its European headquarters – Altova GmbH – over to using only renewable energy from wind, solar, and hydro power produced by Wienstrom through their Naturstrom product. This is a special tariff model provided by Wienstrom, the main energy supplier for the city of Vienna, Austria, and it ensures that all energy consumed is directly fed into the grid from renewable energy sources on a real-time basis. Instead of having to purchase RECs, like we do in the US, we can supply our European headquarters with clean, carbon-neutral energy that is locally generated in the vicinity of Vienna: 70% of the energy is generated from environmentally friendly hydro power generators along small streams and rivers, and 30% is generated from solar and wind energy. Learn more about the new wind energy park built by Wienstrom: