Authentic – XML Authoring Tool

Authentic XML Authoring Tool

XML Authoring Tool Features:

  • Integration with leading CMS systems
  • Remote files access via FTP & WebDAV
  • Real-time validation of user input
  • Support for XML, XML Schema, XPath, CSS
  • SQL database support for content storage
  • Multi-channel publishing to a variety of output formats: HTML, RTF, PDF, Word, OOXML
  • Support for content industry standards
  • XML Signature support

XML Authoring Tool and Content Editor

Authentic bridges the gap between word processors and advanced XML editors, enabling users to edit structured XML content via an intuitive and powerful template-based interface. As XML continues to gain popularity as the standard format for enterprise documentation, it becomes more important for non-technical authors and editors to be able to contribute effectively at all phases of the content management cycle. Authentic facilitates the deployment of seamless collaborative workflows across XML publishing, documentation, and even simple data entry environments.

Authentic users edit XML in real-time based on stylesheet designs created in StyleVision that enable them to view content sequence and structure as it will appear in the target delivery format(s). In addition, StyleVision’s native single source publishing capabilities mean that Authentic-created content can also be instantly rendered in HTML, RTF, PDF, and Word (Office OpenXML) formats.

Authentic offers a graphical interface with a wide variety of features that make editing XML data easy for non-technical users, while maintaining the power and flexibility of structured content authoring. Helpful windows for project management, messages, entry helpers, and more guide users during the XML authoring process. Authentic offers all of the benefits that XML publishing brings to content management workflows including semantics and structure definitions based on XML Schema and DTD, reusability, and single source publishing. This gives non-technical users the ability to create high quality structured content for HTML, RTF, PDF, or even Word.

CALS/HTML Tables Support

Authentic provides full support for CALS/HTML tables, which are hierarchical XML structures that in themselves define the structure of the table, specify the formatting of the table, and contain the cell contents of the table. CALS/HTML tables may be specified by the StyleVision designer, or, if desired, by the Authentic user during XML content editing.

Table editing in Authentic is controlled via an easy-to-use toolbar with support for insert, delete, join, append, and split actions on table rows, columns, and cells. In keeping with familiar desktop word processing applications, one click changes text alignment, and adjusting column widths is as simple as dragging the column border. As the user works, the XML source is updated behind the scenes.

Multi-language Spell-Checker

Authentic offers a built-in, multi-language spell checker with support for 12 standard dictionaries. Dictionaries for over 90 additional languages are available for download from the dictionaries page. The Authentic spell checker is compatible with the OpenOffice dictionaries and is the same highly-acclaimed spell checker used by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and MacOS X.

Built-in Templates

Altova provides a set of ready-to-use templates for use within Authentic that comply with many of the most prevalent industry standard XML vocabularies for content creation. By employing these templates, enterprises that must conform to these standards can begin creating and editing structured XML content with little or no up-front development effort.

Support includes:

  • DITA
  • DocBook
  • NewsML
  • NITF
  • TEI
  • XMLResume
CALS table

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