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Authentic Forms Features

Forms for Enterprise Data Collection

Authentic Forms provide enterprise application developers with the necessary tools to create a positive user experience for data collection in any organization. Built-in blueprint support and absolute positioning of elements make it easy to create forms that mirror existing paper templates, while dynamic positioning of components allows for a Web-like experience.

Real-time input guidance and validation messages can be heavily customized to suit a particular application’s needs. Authentic Forms provide XML Schema-based validation as well as validation of business logic rules that the form’s developer has defined via XPath. In addition, XPath can be used to dynamically customize the form and control the visibility and appearance of certain form elements, dependent on user input.

The data captured through Authentic Forms can be stored in XML, sent to an intranet application running on a web-server, or stored into SQL databases for processing by middleware applications.

When an Authentic Form is created by a designer or developer using StyleVision, it can be saved in a revolutionary new file format called PXF™ (Portable XML Form™). A PXF file embeds all the components and files required for editing in Authentic in a single file for convenient distribution.

When an end user opens a PXF file in Authentic, it includes the XML Schema(s), XML instance(s), SPS design file(s), etc., and can even include the XSLT files generated by StyleVision that allow Authentic business users to publish content in HTML, Word, RTF, and/or PDF.

After a PXF file has been created, it can be emailed, copied, and saved like any other data file. Since the PXF file embeds all the components required to edit an XML file in Authentic and to generate output reports, it is the only file an Authentic user needs to get started.

Advantages of Authentic Forms

Authentic electronic forms are the ideal choice for developers looking for an easily integrated SQL database and XML content editing solution and for business users seeking powerful editing capabilities with an easy to use, WYSIWYG interface. Sophisticated data entry and content editing capabilities put power in the hands of business users, who can then also publish their data in multiple channels quickly and easily.

Flexible deployment options enable the developer to choose between a Windows desktop application and a browser plug-in that is available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

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