Authentic – Flexible Deployment Options

Authentic desktop deployment

Authentic Deployment Features:

  • Authentic Desktop application for Windows
  • Browser plug-in option
  • Ability to convert Authetic forms to MobileTogether browser or mobile apps
  • 32- and 64-bit versions
  • Portable XML Forms (PXF) workflow

Flexibility to support different deployment scenarios

Authentic is available in a variety of flavors and editions to allow enterprise application developers to pick the scenario that best fits their information architecture and IT infrastructure. This flexibility provides unique benefits in terms of scalability, migration of desktop-focused to browser or mobile environments, and flexible deployment options.

Whether developers choose to deploy your solution via Authentic Desktop, Browser Plug-in, or MobileTogether app, end users have access to the same powerful XML authoring functionality with real-time input guidance and validation, context sensitive entry helpers, and more.

Desktop Deployment

Authentic Desktop Edition is a Windows application that can be deployed to enterprise client’s desktops to provide interactive XML authoring of document content as well as business data collection via powerful Authentic Forms. Data can be captured directly into SQL databases or into XML documents for further processing in the organization’s IT infrastructure.

In addition, Authentic supports the new Portable XML Forms (PXF) file format for encapsulating all of the necessary information resources – XML Schema, CSS and XSLT stylesheets, and more –into one file. As such, PXF files can be conveniently emailed to users, filled out remotely, and then returned back, supporting remote users in an enterprise forms workflow.

Browser Deployment Via Plugin

Authentic has long been available as a browser plug-in in addition to a desktop application. However, the more recent versions of popular browsers are discontinuing support for NPAPI and ActiveX and are in the process of ending support for browser plug-ins altogether.

Luckily, customers have a path to continue using existing Authentic forms built in StyleVision by converting them to MobileTogether designs, as discussed below.

MobileTogether apps can easily be accessed in web browsers but without the need for a plug-in.

Convert StyleVision to mobile

Convert to MobileTogether: Native Mobile and Web Apps

At the same time as browser manufacturers are phasing out support for native browser plug-ins due to security issues, end users have become increasingly more productive on mobile devices. Thanks to integration between Altova products, StyleVision designers can now easily convert their Authentic form designs built in StyleVision to MobileTogether design files. Then, they can open the design in the free MobileTogether Designer, change it as necessary, and then deploy it as a native app that may be accessed on mobile devices and Windows 8/10 computers - as well as in any web browser.

Note that MobileTogether has two deployment options:

  • End users access the app — with robust security considerations — by connecting to your MobileTogether Server from their web browser. They can also download the free, MobileTogether client app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Windows 8/10 and connect to your server on their device of choice.
  • If further customization is required, developers add custom branding, compile an app for each platform, and submit it to the app stores, where users can download it.

Because MobileTogether generates native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, as well as a browser-based client reachable via URL, it removes the requirement to use a browser plugin while adding additional, mobile deployment capabilities. Learn more about MobileTogether.

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