XPath/XQuery numeric-divide function


Returns the arithmetic quotient of its operands: ($arg1 div $arg2).

Operator Mapping

Defines the semantics of the "div" operator when applied to two numeric values.


$arg1 as xs:numeric,
$arg2 as xs:numeric
) as xs:numeric


General rules: see .

As a special case, if the types of both $arg1 and $arg2 are xs:integer, then the return type is xs:decimal.

Error Conditions

A dynamic error is raised for xs:decimal and xs:integer operands, if the divisor is (positive or negative) zero.


For xs:float and xs:double operands, floating point division is performed as specified in . A positive number divided by positive zero returns INF. A negative number divided by positive zero returns -INF. Division by negative zero returns -INF and INF, respectively. Positive or negative zero divided by positive or negative zero returns NaN. Also, INF or -INF divided by INF or -INF returns NaN.