XPath/XQuery gMonth-equal function


Returns true if the two xs:gMonth values have the same starting instant, when considered as months in the same year.

Operator Mapping

Defines the semantics of the "eq" operator when applied to two xs:gMonth values. Also used in the definition of the "ne" operator.


$arg1 as xs:gMonth,
$arg2 as xs:gMonth
) as xs:boolean


This function is deterministic, context-dependent, and focus-independent. It depends on implicit-timezone.


The starting instants of $arg1 and $arg2 are calculated by supplying the missing components of $arg1 and $arg2 from the xs:dateTime template 1972-xx-01T00:00:00 or an equivalent. The function returns the result of comparing these two starting instants using op:dateTime-equal.


Assume that the dynamic context provides an implicit timezone value of -05:00. Assume, also, that the xs:dateTime template chosen is 1972-xx-01T00:00:00.

The expression op:gMonth-equal(xs:gMonth("--12-14:00"), xs:gMonth("--12+10:00")) returns false().

The expression op:gMonth-equal(xs:gMonth("--12"), xs:gMonth("--12Z")) returns false().