XML Schemas in UML

An XML Schema displayed as a UML diagram in Altova UModel

UModel XML Schema Features:

  • XML Schemas in UML combine software and data structure models in a single project
  • XML Schemas are displayed in diagrams familiar to UML modelers
  • Reverse engineer existing XML Schemas to generate UML diagrams
  • Optionally make revisions in UModel and update XML Schema files during code generation

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UModel Includes a Special Diagram Type and Code Generation Support for XML Schemas

The UModel® 2017 XML Schema diagram renders XML Schemas in a format similar to UML class diagrams. The UModel XML Schema diagram shows schema global elements (elements, simpleTypes, and complexTypes) as classes, with schema element attributes in the attributes compartment. UModel uses UML notes to display schema details. When you import an XML Schema it is treated as application source code and reverse-engineered to create a UModel project. The project file and the diagrams it contains are a model of the XML Schema, not the schema itself.

Since the UModel project and the XML Schema are separate files, the UML model of the schema provides a level of abstraction between the schema design and the actual XSD. This allows developers working in teams to develop schema enhancements in a collaborative process by modifying the UModel project, treating the UML model as a blueprint. Changes made to the XML Schema design in the model are written back to the XML Schema file (*.xsd) during code generation or project synchronization.

UModel also supports round-trip engineering for XML Schema files. If the schema is modified outside UModel – such as in XMLSpy® 2017, the industry-standard XML development environment – you can use the UModel Project menu to synchronize changes back to the UModel project and XML diagram.

XML Schema Development

If your project requires you to design a new XML Schema, you'll want to check out the specialized schema editing and validation features of Altova XMLSpy® 2017, the industry-standard development environment for XML.

One developer on your team can work on the XML schema in XMLSpy, and other developers can synchronize their models by round-trip engineering the XSD file.

XML Schema files are reverse-engineered as source code in Altova UModel

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