UML Round-Trip Engineering

Round trip engineering in Altova UModel

UModel Round Trip Engineering Features:

  • Update UML model after changes to source code
  • Update source code after revisions to model
  • Supports an iterative development process
  • Maintains value of the software model as permanent documentation
  • Distributes individual enhancements among team members
  • Unlimited undo/redo encourages exploring new ideas

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Round-Trip Engineering Keeps Your Software Model Synchronized after You Modify Generated Code

As your project evolves, you will find yourself modifying and adding to the original base of generated source code by working directly in the Java, C#, or Visual Basic .NET sources using your favorite IDE. The Altova UModel® 2017 round-trip engineering capability reads the modified code and automatically updates your UML diagrams accordingly. This synchronization keeps your model accurate and relevant as your code changes. Reviewing updated UML diagrams that reflect your changes to the code can help you verify your intended result or quickly identify errors.

UModel does not require any pseudo-code or special comments in the generated code to perform successful round-tripping. This leaves your code free of artifacts that can make it harder to understand or edit directly.

UModel round trip engineering supports an iterative development process. After you have synchronized your model with revised code, you are still free to choose the best way to work – make further modifications to the code or make changes to your model. You can synchronize in either direction at any time and you can repeat the cycle as many times as necessary.

Like all other UModel features, round trip engineering supports unlimited undo/redo. You’re free to experiment with all the dialog checkbox options, knowing that you can restore your model with just a click.

Automatically Sync Model and Code

The UModel integration functionality raises round-trip engineering to the next level. When using UModel Enterprise Edition inside Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET™ or the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), a developer can open a UModel project in one window and the associated application code in a source code editor in another.

Automatic synchronization can be set in either or both directions to instantly update the UML model or source code whenever changes are made to the other.

This allows developers to immediately see the impact of application revisions, whether implemented in the model or directly in source code.

Altova UModel round trip engineering inside the IDE

"I'm very happy with UModel. Finally a UML modeling tool that is affordable and that works the way I like!"

Jashan Chittesh
Independent Game Developer

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