UML Project Documentation

UML project documentation in Altova UModel

UModel Automated Project Documentation:

  • Toolbar for quick access to class diagram elements
  • Entry helpers and fast editing buttons
  • Right-click context menu activates anywhere in diagram
  • Cascading styles for colors, fonts, line size, and more
  • Customizable alignment grid
  • Elements can be assigned to diagram layers and selectively viewed or hidden
  • Unlimited undo/redo encourages exploring new ideas

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Step Up the Pace of Productivity by Automatically Generating Project Documentation

Documentation is an important part of your software development project – to measure progress toward completion, to communicate functionality among team members, and to provide a project roadmap later on when the application needs to be updated. UModel® 2017 accelerates this step by automatically generating documentation for you in HTML, Microsoft Word, or rich text (RTF) formats.

The UModel built-in project documentation design offers a high level of user control, flexibility, and customization. After selecting output format and image processing options, you can customize the project documentation for your needs. In an early development iteration you might focus on a single diagram type – state machine diagrams or sequence diagrams, for instance, as you work through the application flow. You can also select the level of detail to include for each element, such as including Hierarchy diagrams to assist communication of class relationships.

Whichever output format you choose, UModel adds hyperlinks to aid navigation. Links to the generated source code files are also included in your project documentation. The UModel built-in documentation design also lets you control the appearance of project documentation by individually specifying the type style and size of each text block.

If your documentation needs require greater customization, you can use an SPS stylesheet to instruct Altova StyleVision® 2017 to create completely customized documentation for your UML project.

Select elements to include in project documentation in Altova UModel

Customized Project Documentation

UModel includes a sample stylesheet that can be the starting point for your own customized format using all the flexibility of StyleVision. A stylesheet can let you embed images into your UML project documentation – such as your company logo – and headers, footers, or blocks of standard text.

The StyleVision interface uses color coding and provides advanced entry helper windows for viewing, editing, and assigning the style and layout properties of each element in your design.

Stylesheet-based documentation also supports PDF output.

You can select a stylesheet in the UModel Generate Documentation dialog and send execution instructions directly to StyleVision to create customized documentation in a workflow that is completely automated.

StyleVision stylesheet for project documentation in Altova UModel

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