UML Interaction Overview Diagrams

UML interaction overview diagram in Altova UModel

UModel Interaction Overview Diagram Features:

  • Toolbar for quick access to interaction overview diagram elements
  • Automatic hyperlinks to sequence diagrams
  • Sequence diagram images based on actual diagram content
  • Sequence diagram images update when diagram content changes
  • Elements can be assigned to diagram layers and selectively viewed or hidden
  • Unlimited undo/redo encourages exploring new ideas

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UML Interaction Overview Diagrams to Present a High-Level View of Execution Paths through an Application

UML interaction overview diagrams combine elements of activity diagrams with sequence diagrams to show the flow of program execution. You can also use an interaction overview diagram to deconstruct a complex scenario that would otherwise require multiple if-then-else paths to be illustrated as a single sequence diagram.

The UModel® 2017 interaction overview diagram toolbar contains icons for initial node, final node, decisions, merges, forks, and arrows, but no additional elements that could create invalid UML syntax. Control flow arrows will connect existing sequence diagrams and interactions in your model to illustrate execution flow.

In an early development iteration you can quickly construct incomplete sequence diagrams to act as placeholders in the interaction overview diagram while you design the overall application flow. This functionality lets you design the high level program flow before all the details of each individual sequence are completed. You can complete each sequence diagram later, or even delegate sequence diagrams among team members.

The representation of each sequence diagram in the UModel interaction overview diagram is based on the sequence diagram contents and is automatically hyperlinked, so you can drill into the execution details with a single click.

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