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Software architecture is an important aspect of software development that ideally takes place well before application code is written. During software modeling the developer works with other stakeholders to determine how business requirements and technical requirements can be addressed and resolved in concert. This rigorous up-front analysis means the delivered product is more likely to fulfill business requirements and contain fewer defects.

Altova solutions for software architecture provide user-friendly tools for application modeling, royalty-free code generation, and round-trip engineering to help developers define software models and keep them up-to-date as the project progresses. And unlike other expensive software modeling solutions, Altova MissionKit is designed to be full-featured, yet remarkably affordable.

The Problem

Software modeling traces its roots to brainstorming sessions conducted at whiteboards. Unfortunately, many other software architecture tools intimidate new users with confusing arrays of menu options, toolbars, and complicated dialog boxes - and continue to create diagrams that have a crude, oversimplified appearance. At the same time, most of these tools are expensive and difficult to implement.

The Altova Solution

Altova MissionKit software architecture tools make visual software architecture design practical for programmers and project managers everywhere. Combining a rich visual interface with superior usability features, the highly integrated tools of Altova MissionKit offer intelligent, context-sensitive drawing and editing aids, royalty-free code generation and engineering, powerful conversion functionality, and much more.

Round-trip code engineering functionality embraces the style of iterative development process encouraged by today’s leading software development authorities, while integration with popular source control systems, as well as IDEs including Visual Studio® and Eclipse give developers the flexibility to work in their preferred environment.


  • UML tool for software modeling and application development.
  • Model Driven Architecture (MDA) with platform independent UML models.
  • Support for all UML 2.x diagram types, SysML, and BPMN.
  • Visual design of application models.
  • UML modeling of popular SQL databases.
  • Generation of Java, C#, or Visual Basic .NET code from UML models.
  • Comprehensive project documentation options.
  • Reverse engineering and round-tripping.
  • Full featured, advanced - yet affordable - software architecture solution.


  • Graphical XML Schema editor for defining data models.
  • Schema validation, intelligent entry helpers, and more.
  • Generation of XSDs from relational database schemas, DTDs, and XML instances.
  • Comprehensive XML Schema documentation.
  • Royalty-free program code generation from XML Schemas.
  • Integration with UModel for generating UML-style diagrams from XSDs.
XML Software Architecture

Altova MissionKit wins “Best Development Environment!”

Altova MissionKit

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