RaptorXML Video Demos

Demos of RaptorXML Functionality

Watch the videos below to learn about adding RaptorXML Server functionality for high performance validation and processing of XML, XBRL, and JSON to your own applications.

Excel Plug-in Using .NET API


The .NET API for RaptorXML Server allows you to integrate RaptorXML functionality into your applications for the Microsoft platform. (A Python API is also provided.)

In this video, we demonstate an Excel plug-in using the .NET API that allows contractors to easily create Work-In-Progress (WIP) reports directly in Excel and to save them in a valid XBRL format for submission to surety companies.

Length: 06:14 (mm:ss)

The plug-in shown in the video is now available as a product for contractors to download from the Altova web site. Learn more about the Altova Work in Process (WIP) XBRL add-in for Excel.