Altova Customer Comments

Below are just a few of the many comments we've received about Altova's software and solutions. In addition to the comments below, you can learn about how our customers are using Altova tools in their development projects on the Case Studies page

"I am new to MT and developed my first App very fast. This product is fantastic!"

-MobileTogether Customer, MobileTogether Support Forum

"We have been using Altova XMLSpy for more than 4 years for our XSLT/XQuery/schema development... XMLSpy, as an editor, is a great tool for non-technical users as well, as it helps to view/edit/organize the XML. As a XSLT developer, I use XMLSpy for my XSLT development and for ALL the debugging of my code. In a nutshell, XMLSpy is the best."

-Manoj Pillai, Senior Developer (xslt/Perl), Shared Services Group, Inc.

"We used XMLSpy during the development of ‘Profiles’ software at Harvard Medical School. Using XMLSpy, we were able to perform development tasks with ease. I have used many XML development tools, but I highly recommend XMLSpy over all other tools available."

-James Norman, Technical Manager, Harvard Medical School

"We have been using Altova MapForce for over 6 months now for our two largest customers. It’s been working great! We receive a large number of purchase order lines weekly from both customers, and have had no processing delays. The purchase orders come in via an AS2 connections, and then MapForce converts them so our ERP software can import them. We are impressed with the speed and reliability delivered daily by Altova MapForce to meet our key customer’s demands. We Highly recommend MapForce!"

- Peter Boers, IT Manger, Encore Industries

"Altova lets me define an XML model and then lets my non technical team create XML all without ever having to look at the code. StyleVision and Authentic are in use in our office every day."

- Tim Bolger, Project Manager – Learning Innovation, Construction Sector Council

"Altova MapForce provides excellent mapping capabilities that we can seamlessly embed within our core products. The extensible nature of the product means it covers all of our solution requirements."

- Scott Redford, Director of Technical Services, VisionWare

"Using XML to create an Instructional Design is core to our delivering quality education. With XML Authentic we can keep all our authors working with the same pedagogical model and ensure quality across our library of content."

- Josh Goldman, Senior Director for ACUHO-I Association of College and University Housing Officers - International

"Dear Tech Support, You folks rock. Your solution was perfect; it is just what I needed. Thanks for the help. Love your products."="

- Kerry Culligan, Computer Specialist, US Navy

"Thanks again for the quick reply. You guys have the fastest response time and in my opinion among the best customer/technical support I have dealt with."

- Sacha Korell, Sr. Software Engineer, Cobham, plc.

"I have learned that there is no substitute for quality tools. And truly, your MissionKit suite is a quality tool, easily the single best resource for enterprise development that I have ever encountered, and in itself a prime example of how software should be written. My sincere compliments on an excellent product."

- Thomas D Blersch, Senior Software Engineer, Exeter Government Services LLC.

"I wanted to congratulate you on the release of MapForce 2010. I have spent a couple of days testing it and exploring some of the new features. It is generally very stable, as always it is immensely powerful, and it contains some very worthwhile new features. In particular the dynamic input/output file names adds a new dimension of flexibility to what can be accomplished with MapForce. So, congratulations on a very good release!"

- Hugh Vaughan, Senior Software Architect, LANSA,

“Altova has, far and away, the best stuff for anything XML related.”

- Steven Borg, VSTS Practice Lead, Northwest Cadence

“Altova's suite of XML products played a key role in the development of our latest release of FIX 5.0 Service Pack 2. Altova's products enabled FPL to focus on its core business of creating industry standards and helped us automate further the maintenance of our messaging standards.”

- Ryan Pierce, FPL Technical Director and Lisa Taikitsadaporn, FPL Technical Project Manager

“My book, "XML: Visual QuickStart Guide" was recently published by Peachpit Press. While writing the book, I had the luxury to work with nearly a dozen XML editors. The one I ended up using the most was Altova’s XMLSpy.”

- Kevin Howard Goldberg, Author of "XML: Visual QuickStart Guide"

“Our team began with a number of different XML platforms, but eventually converged on a single one: when so much depends on the strength of your XML tools, it's a cinch that you go with the best. Thank you Altova!”

- Dr. Michael Arner, CTO, ROAM Data, Inc.

“Thank you for the clear explanation and rapid response. Altova provided excellent customer service for an excellent product.”

- Ray Burrows, Ensign Energy Services, Inc.

“Working with Altova Support has been my best support experience in my professional life. I really appreciate the way you have understood my obstacles and used your time to remove them. Thank you!”

- Frode Reinertsen, NetCom GSM

“It seems that the more that I use XMLSpy the more possibilities that I see.”

-Edmond Woychowsky, TechRepublic

“We have been test driving MapForce for 3 days and are absolutely impressed with the intuitive design and ease of use. Thanks for making our job easier.”

-Michael Elson, CRS Corporation

“I think I love Altova. You have just saved me months of work this year. Everything works as well as could possibly be wished for. Thank you so much. In awe.”

-Damien Harvey, Director, Locus Software Ltd

“MapForce has proven to be an easy-to-use, effective tool for making the data integration and mapping process much easier and faster to implement.”

-Dan Ochs, Principal Consultant, Wrycan

“DTD support in XMLSpy has been a lifesaver!”

-Kurt Cagle, Research Analyst, XML Technologies at Burton Group

“We chose to OEM Altova’s MapForce because it is simply the best tool of its kind on the market, and it’s perfectly suited our broader application development requirements. This decision was immediately vindicated when an early adopter said plugging into MapForce was a stroke of genius!”

-Martin Fincham, General Manager for EMEA region, LANSA

"I'm very happy with UModel. Finally a UML modeling tool that is affordable and that works the way I like!"

- Jashan Chittesh, Independent Game Developer

“As a technical writing student, I was introduced to XMLSpy by my professor to create single-source documents, which are documents that can be used for many purposes. Although I have never before used an XML editor, after reading a brief introduction to XMLSpy, I am completing my class assignments with almost as much ease as using word processing software.

In XMLSpy, it's easy to check my work for errors, I can quickly identify any coding that needs to be changed as I go along. A choice of multiple views allows me to quickly scroll through the document, looking at the text only, or looking at the details of every style selection and code. The interface graphics and editing tools are very easy to understand. And when I need to make revisions, it's quick and easy, too.”

-Patri Vawter, Internet Editor, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

"XMLSpy is superior software.

In 2003, my company was challenged to convert the data structures of 32 separate databases containing legislative data into one cohesive XML schema to be used as the basis for a new system. Using XMLSpy, we were able to perform this task with ease. The Graphical XML Schema Editor made creating each element easy and fast. It helped us meet every deadline during the process.

The graphical editor also made it easy for the clients to understand the XML schema. During meetings, we would project the graphical view of the work in progress as we reviewed. If a change was required, often times we were able to drag and drop an element right on the spot.

XMLSpy also made it easy to deliver documentation. Using a combination of XMLSpy’s built in reporting and some custom XSLTs built with XMLSpy, our customers had a complete record of the work to begin building the new system.

I highly recommend this tool to anyone with XML Schema building requirements. I have found it invaluable too with XML, and have recommended it to many colleagues and customers."

-Dawn Sangree, Senior Software Engineer, JPI

"In my personal view, currently there are no other mapping tools on the market that provide the same effectiveness as Altova MapForce for converting data from ERP systems to XBRL Global Ledger Framework (XBRL GL), not even applications that have been specifically designed for mapping to XBRL GL."

- Gianluca Garbellotto, XBRL Global Ledger Working Group, Chair

"Information management professionals need capabilities to store, access, and manipulate XML data natively. The combination of the market leading database-enabled XML tools from Altova together with the industry’s most advanced XML-enabled data server from IBM provides customers with the optimal solution to address this requirement."

- Salvatore Vella, Vice President, IBM DB2 Data Server Development

"Altova XMLSpy, as an XML editor, I think it's still one of the best!"

- Karen Dunstall, Co-Owner, Infinite Diversity

"Altova's XMLSpy is easily the fastest XML Editor I've ever seen. A free 30-day trial is available on their Web site; the only issue is that when the 30 days are up, you're going to want to buy it."

- Edmond Woychowsky, TechRepublic

"XMLSpy has proven invaluable in my job as a sales engineer where I need to rapidly browse XML and test Web services. The ability to easily create a SOAP request from a WSDL file and then test the service has become a critical tool in my ability to support our sales process. In short - I’m in love with the features and usefulness of XMLSpy. Thanks Altova."

- Glen Gyldersleve, Sales Engineer, FlightStats

"DatabaseSpy rocks!"

- Brian Reisman, Software Engineer, Developer Division, Microsoft Corp.

"Altova XMLSpy has saved me a lot of time in developing XPath expressions. XMLSpy's XPath [Analyzer] enabled me to prototype and evaluate expressions rapidly and efficiently for use in my .NET code. Altova's technical support is fantastic! They were extremely knowledgeable and available. "

- Mike Soulia, Software Developer, The Apple Mountain Co.

"Altova was the clear choice when it came to selecting a tools vendor for our DB2 9 pureXML data server. Altova XMLSpy is well known in the industry as the de facto standard IDE for XML and is highly regarded by IBM customers. In addition, Altova offers several other XML, data management, and Web services tools that are powerful, easy to use, and, like XMLSpy, already provide essential connectivity to DB2."

- Bernie Spang, director IBM data servers (

"I’ve evaluated a number of products over the years but remain a strong advocate of XMLSpy for manipulating XML, validating XSLT, and writing XML Schemas. It’s a complete product."

- Jean Kaplansky, XML Architect, Thomson Learning

"DiffDog saved my life! Recordare developed MusicXML as an Internet-friendly format for publishing and sharing digital sheet music. As MusicXML became more popular, we needed a truly XML-aware differencing program to evaluate the XML files created by our Dolet plug-ins. DiffDog gives us the high quality regression testing tool that we had long sought for our MusicXML projects."

- Michael Good, CEO,

"Thank you Altova for providing excellent support. Our interactions with you have been consistently prompt, responsive, and helpful. That is a rare thing these days, and has changed me from an XMLSpy customer to an advocate. It is a pleasure to work with someone who does their job well."

- Rob Beairsto, Software Development Consultant

"Altova’s XML solutions enable me to solve a problem from multiple angles, and provide instant feedback each time. XMLSpy is the solution I reach for every time when I’m working with XML. It allows me to present XML artifacts in a variety of ways, increasing my ability to communicate with various stakeholders."

- Craig Randall, Software Architect, EMC Corporation

"The XMLSpy XML editor has proven itself to me time and time again over the past several years and with each new release Altova brings the 'Wow factor' to XML and XSLT. Watch out because now they’re doing it for UML modeling too. With UModel 2006, Altova now supports UML version 2.1 diagrams and provides generation of Java and C# code; bringing the 'Wow factor' to UML!"

- Doug Holland, .NET Architect/Developer and Microsoft MVP, Precision Objects

"Altova StyleVision is essential to helping us deliver content in a wide variety of formats at our university’s training center. There’s so much you can do with StyleVision. It has everything I want and more."

- Scott Calkins, Manager, Emerging Technologies, Binghamton University

"XMLSpy and the Altova XML Suite [now the Altova MissionKit] have been crucial tools in helping us develop and maintain the successful Virtual Gateway interface to the MassHealth eligibility determination system, part of which involves a very complex XML-to-XML transformation. Extensive use of XSLT for XML-to-HTML presentation has been made significantly easier and more productive with the use of XMLSpy. Schema design is a pleasure, thanks to the intuitiveness of the tools, and the ability to integrate with the Tamino XML database is a very useful bonus feature. Developing Web services is proving to be easier than expected, thanks in part to the very good online training classes provided by Altova. The new features available with every new release ensure that they remain cutting-edge products."

- Executive Office of the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services

"MapForce enables us to take IMS-format files and map them to different kinds of feeds with minimal time and effort. I’m not even sure this process would be possible without MapForce."

- Scott Calkins, Manager, Emerging Technologies, Binghamton University

"Since my first XML project Altova XMLSpy helped me to handle XML and XSLT code. It was so easy to use that in less than a month I was mastering complex XSLT transformation, thanks to the XMLSpy debugging interface, cutting down my delivery time dramatically. Today XMLSpy is my team's weapon of choice for all things XML related."

- Wagner Silveira, Senior Software Developer for The Simpl Group

"Our project makes extensive use of an XML-based business rules configuration system as well as an XML-based messaging system, and XMLSpy is an essential tool in our development process. The Grid and Schema/WSDL views in particular are powerful and intuitive, and have made analyzing and updating our business rules an easy and error-free process."

- Will Nicholes, Technical Lead/Senior Software Engineer for Digimarc Corporation

"In no time at all, Altova DiffDog identified a minute discrepancy between our XML files that would have taken me hours to identify manually. Problem found equals problem solved - I'm a DiffDog fan for life!"

- Michael Mullins, Applications Developer for West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

"I was given one week to draft an XML schema for a relatively complicated telecommunications service order. On day four, struggling and nearing collapse from sleep deprivation, I found XMLSpy. On day five, I had an excellent first cut. One week later, the auto generated documentation made my company look so good to our customer that I was given a day off! You saved me!"

- Ken Greiner, Software Engineer for Choice One Communications

"As a data integration specialist, I frequently advise customers on how to tie together systems that would not normally be able to share information. Altova MapForce is a solid data mapping tool that makes integrating disparate systems very easy. The new support for EDI X12 transactions, combined with MapForce's ability to generate transformation code in a variety of languages, will enable me to rapidly develop integration solutions for warehouse management, manufacturing execution, and enterprise resource planning systems where the EDI X12 specification is a common messaging format."

- Michael J. Hillman, IT Consultant

"I love the Altova MapForce 2005 product and I've never had an easier time creating and managing XML and schemas from databases. While in the depths of performing a data export from a series of legacy systems to a new platform, XMLSpy 2005 and MapForce 2005 were not only critical to the process, they facilitated the work as well. Altova has created and delivered tools for developers that were only dreams a few short years ago."

- Byron Bignell, Director of Development for AltruIT

"This tool [MapForce] is such a great help. As expected, it has paid for itself within one week!"

- Simon Mills, Managing Director for Ingenuity System Testing Services Ltd

"We evaluated Altova MapForce against all the major data integration applications in the industry and found it to be the most powerful and easiest to use by far. It provides an incredible amount of functionality, but is much more cost effective than the competition. We also looked at XMLSpy and StyleVision, and once we learned that the value-priced Altova Enterprise XML Suite [now the Altova MissionKit] provided the complete solution, it was unbeatable. It is so robust that we are considering using it for all our XML development and data integration projects."

- Mark Beede, Senior J2EE Consultant for HealthTrans

"XMLSpy 2005 and StyleVision 2005 will greatly enhance the effectiveness of our security auditing tools, which will help CIS members and thousands of other users evaluate the security status of their Internet-connected systems and appliances. The additional functionality of XSLT 2.0 and the other new features in Altova software version 2005 will enable us to streamline our development of CIS tools and strengthen our organization's mission to raise the level of Internet security even more."

- David Waltermire, Lead Application Developer for The Center for Internet Security

"Bundesrechenzentrum has been using Altova XMLSpy for application development and document generation for years, and since Altova tools are helpful for many different purposes, we also use them to present all of our in house training sessions for employees. We are looking forward to streamlining our development even more with the additional functionality of XSLT 2.0 and the other new features in Altova software version 2005."

- Heinz Rosenkranz, Head of XML Competence Center for Bundesrechenzentrum

"We've been using XMLSpy for five years and it has proven to be an invaluable tool for validating and debugging XML and XSLT files. In my experience there isn't another tool on the market that offers the power and reliability of Altova's XMLSpy. When working with large highly sophisticated physics programs, having a tool on which you can depend makes a world of difference. We create highly sophisticated systems here and we could not have done it all without XMLSpy."

- Norman Samuelson, Computer Scientist at University of California's Lawrence Livermore National Lab, in Livermore, California

"Both XML Language Mechanics and Applications, Addison-Wesley, 2003, and NET & J2EE Interoperability, McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2004, were written using the only tool I know of that facilitates writing complex examples in any programming language. Whether the situation calls for generating a WSDL document, or applying XSLT for document transformation to any format, albeit HTML, XML, or just plain text documents, XMLSpy is always up to date by being both and J2EE specifications compliant. New technologies keep emerging at a dizzying pace, but Altova's XMLSpy is there to perform any given task."

- Dwight Peltzer, author of two books: XML Language Mechanics and Applications, a textbook on XML and Microsoft .NET published by Addison Wesley, and NET & J2EE Interoperability, a professional book published by McGraw Hill/Osborne

"StyleVision is well-engineered to let you display data the way you'd like it… If you're looking for a flexible way to deal with XML data, this is one good place to look."

- Mike Gunderloy, MCSE, MCSD .NET, MCDBA, an independent software consultant and author reviewing Altova StyleVision in ADT Magazine

"We use the Altova software products to help build efficient document management systems for our multinational customers. The new database integration capabilities in Release 4 will be especially useful in developing systems that enable them to leverage business information across their organizations."

- Emmerson Miranda, Web Developer at Fihoca, IT consulting

"For my most recent consulting project, I needed to learn about Web Services, XML schema, and SOAP. Despite a lengthy background with HTML technology, I had no working knowledge of XML, let alone XML schemas, but by using the tutorial in Altova's XMLSpy, I was quickly able get up to speed. Using XMLSpy's wizard-based approach, I was easily able to translate my XML schemas into working XML documents. Thanks Altova, XMLSpy is a great product that has truly empowered me."

- Keith Wilson, Technology Consultant

"Microsoft recognizes Altova's XMLSpy 4 Suite as an industry leading XML development tool and we are pleased to have authoring support for SQLXML directly within XMLSpy 4 Suite. Using XMLSpy's powerful graphical schema editor, software developers and database administrators can easily create and edit XML schemas which simplify programming and data management."

- Stan Sorensen, Director of SQL Server Product Marketing at Microsoft Corporation

"Altova software products help us to build advanced content management and multi-source publishing applications. The new database integration capabilities and other enhancements in Release 4 will be very beneficial to us as we create versatile interconnected business systems for our customers."

- Doug Wallace, President of Agile.Net, a Web technology and project management company

"We chose Altova's XMLSpy and Authentic products because they provide great support for WYSIWYG editing of XML-based documents and let us quickly and easily build this solution around a robust and powerful piece of software. Its scripting support also allowed to us to integrate several enhanced features, like a document treeview that provides the user with a complete vision of the document and in navigating into its content comfortably. The extensive API in XMLSpy helped us in building several wizards that are able to guide the users in the most complicated operations."

- Dr. Elisa Fornasini, Project Manager for Eagle Software, regarding an Authentic and XMLSpy-based content management application his company created to for a large regional government agency in Italy

"With its exhaustively comprehensive feature set, Altova's XMLSpy 2004 elegantly handles the acronym-soup of XML and XML-related document formats and technologies. It's a great tool that I recommend highly."

- Jason Halla in a product review of XMLSpy in ADT Magazine entitled, "Altova's XML IDE Gets Richer"

"My responsibility as Professor of Computer Science is evaluating software appropriate for my J2EE and .NET classes, as well as for XML Fundamentals courses, both undergraduate and graduate level. XMLSpy is an invaluable teaching tool. Whether we are creating XML instance documents, writing DTDs, designing XSD Schemas, or writing XPath queries, Altova XMLSpy is the tool of choice. It is both user-friendly and offers a wide range of tools for creating Web pages and all other types of XML-oriented documents on both platforms."

- Dwight Peltzer, Author, Consultant, and Programmer, C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University

"XMLSpy continues to be an excellent tool for the XML and Web services developer. The new features and enhancements of the 2004 version release add to its extensive portfolio of functionality. Complementing the 2004 release is the MapForce product. Its ability to create data transformation logic graphically and produce code in multiple languages is a powerful addition to the Altova product suite."

- Brian R. Barbash in a product review of XMLSpy and MapForce entitled, " XMLSpy 2004 from Altova - An Excellent Tool Gets a Powerful Addition"

"We used Altova tools - XMLSpy, Authentic, and StyleSheet Designer - to build a document management portal for a pharmaceutical multinational. Altova development tools have a broad range of functionalities which were very useful when creating the portal."

- Emmerson Miranda, Web Developer, Fihoca, IT consulting
[Please note: StyleSheet Designer capabilities are now included in Altova StyleVision.]

"Authentic allowed us to create a pure XML system from end to end but to shield the editorial staff from learning XML. For more power users that wanted to learn XML, XMLSpy was deployed and allows them to toggle between Authentic editing and free text. The performance of the system is incredible. For example, now we can do full text searches of over 25,000 documents in milliseconds. The same search before timed out before completing."

- Doug Wallace, President of Agile.Net, regarding an Authentic and XMLSpy-based application his company created to streamline the authoring, editing, and publication process for a major IT publication

"Following the trend of several other standalone Windows-based developer tools, the [XMLSpy] Enterprise Edition also includes an interface into Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET environment, effectively replacing Microsoft's XML, XSL, XSLT, DTD, and XML Schema built-in editors with the considerably more powerful Altova-developed ones."

- Mike Riley in an asp.netPRO product review entitled, "XMLSpy 2004 Enterprise Edition: New Features Add to an Already Impressive Product"

"I've been a fan of XMLSpy, but have often wished there were a way to integrate it into existing Visual Studio .NET projects. This capability is now possible with Altova's release of XMLSpy 2004. You can use the product within Visual Studio .NET directly; this is a big win for .NET/XML and Web service developers."

- Dan Wahlin in a Visual Studio Magazine article entitled, "Integrate XMLSpy 2004 Into VS.NET"

"XMLSpy is an excellent tool that saves time and simplifies virtually any XML-based application development. Version 2004 will feature optional integration with VS.NET. If you work with XML - and you inevitably will - this product delivers."

- Leonard Lobel in a Visual Studio Magazine article entitled, "Boost XML Development"

"I needed an application that would help me to organize my thoughts and express them quickly with the least effort possible. XMLSpy is a very cool tool that combines the power and flexibility of a database with the ease of use of a word processor. XMLSpy is the only product on the market that could do the job the way I wanted it done."

- Gregory Dismond, aspiring novelist and Technical Art Director who has served as Technical Director on the blockbuster hit movies Shrek and Ants

"Overall I found both of these tools (XMLSpy and MapForce) to be very useful, and they can save you a lot of development effort. If applications involve a considerable amount of XML and transformations, then I certainly suggest using them."

- Vijay Phagura in a Java Developer's Journal product review in entitled, "XMLSpy 2004 and MapForce 2004 by Altova"

"On the usability score, MapForce is way ahead of BT (BizTalk). After I installed it (MapForce), I had a basic XML Transformation test running in less than two minutes. The interface is sleek, easy to run, and pretty high on the intuitive scale... In terms of usability, MapForce wins hands down. Compared to MapForce, BizTalk Mapper looks clunky and cramped... If you're looking for a way to transform XML files with XSLT, and you would like to maximize the portability of your code, MapForce 2004 is definitely the way to go. It has a sleek, simple interface that still allows for a wide variety of customization, allowing you to use multiple languages, sources, and destinations within the XML transformation."

- David Handlos in an article entitled, "Biztalk Mapper 2004 vs MapForce 2004"

"XMLSpy has helped us to develop content management capabilities as well as limit the resources usually required to manage a complex, data-centric site such as"

- Taek Kwon, Hotwire Vice President of Engineering
Hotwire deployed an XMLSpy- and Authentic-based content management system to sort, analyze, and process data on a continuous basis. The XML-based application allowed Hotwire to integrate its content production with its sophisticated Web analytics.

"XMLSpy is 'the' XML and Web Services software tool. XMLSpy addresses numerous XML and Web Services design, edit, and deployment capabilities and is a 'must have' for enterprise. I highly recommend it to all of my clients and partners."

- James Bean, Author of XML For Data Architects, and Chairman and President of The Global Web Architecture Group