Affordable Contract Management

Finally, there’s a contract management solution that is affordable for companies both large and small. You can manage an unlimited number of contracts in this secure, easy to use app
for just $25/month per user.

Altova ContractManager: the affordable contract management app

Finally, there’s a contract management solution that is affordable for companies both large and small. You can manage an unlimited number of contracts in this secure, easy to use app
for just $25/month per user.

Track and manage contracts

Manage all contracts in single location

Get contract deadline reminders

Never miss a deadline

Find contracts fast

Find PDFs and details instantly

Customizable contract tracking

Easy to organize for your business

Save Time and Avoid Risks - Without Breaking the Bank

Store, manage, and search for your contracts with ease. Whether your firm manages tens, hundreds, or thousands of contracts, Altova ContractManager makes it easy and secure with one low price.

Altova ContractManager provides complete contract lifecycle management with templates for documenting contract details, built in reminders, audit log and change tracking, and more.

Affordable contract management: Altova ContractManager

Secure, Centralized Contract Repository

Choosing a centralized contract management tool that all stake holders can access securely in the cloud has numerous benefits, from time savings to more efficient management of related contracts and important dates. And, you can access your contracts securely wherever you're working: at the office, at home, or on the road.

Cheap contract management software

Altova ContractManager is a low-cost, turn-key solution that provides:

  • Centralized contract management – no more contracts lost in folders or shared drives
  • Secure file storage for all your contracts
  • Granular role and group-based permissions to control access to confidential information
  • Automatic reminders for important review dates and deadlines
  • Search tools to find contract documents and details instantly
  • Full audit log and change tracking
  • One low cost for an unlimited number of contracts


Altova ContractManager includes a full-feautured default layout to let you get started in seconds: simply log in and get to work. If desired, you can customize the app to suit the needs of your organization:

  • Customize the contract database, forms, fields, reports, and more
  • Select from different themes to configure your display colors and font size

Finally, Easy Contract Management

Altova ContractManager provides an easy-to-navigate, user friendly interface with forms and fields that make data entry fast. You can duplicate records to use as a starting point, define a common template, or import data. Forms and fields include enumerations of allowed values, customizable validation of data and business rules,and hints to help you add valid data.

Never Miss Key Deadlines

Automatic reminders in the contract tracking software mean you will never again miss an important deadline. Altova ContractManager automatically keeps track of all important dates for you, including expiration, renewal, and cancellation periods.

Build-in reminders in the ContractManager interface help users focus on important deadlines and customizable email reminders can be sent to any user, role, or group of users.

Get reminders about contract dates and deadlines

Audit and Change Tracking

One of the biggest benefits of contract management software is comprehensive audit and change tracking tools. These ensure that the complete contract lifecycle is well documented - no more hours spent searching for a contract paper trail.

Flexible Options

Once you create an Altova ContractManager account, you can get started right away with the default database and containers included in the app. Or, the administrator for your ContractManager account can easily modify the set up, as well as the forms for data entry and viewing, to match the requirements of your organization. In other words, you can add what you want and delete what you don't need.

All configurations are done via a straightforward visual interface, and, unlike a classical database system or more complicated solution, the admin can even change the hierarchy (or nesting) of containers. What’s more: fields, forms, and even the database structure can be added, changed, or deleted at any time by the administrator – even if records already exist in the database.

Change structure of contract management software

Every aspect of the ContractManager structure can be easily configured to match the requirements of your organization. The administrator for your Altova ContractManager account has the option to flexibly:

  • Define or change containers that hold contract info
  • Reorganize or create forms and fields
  • Define custom filters for finding, viewing, and reporting contracts in the system
  • Provide options for validation of data and business rules
  • Customize hints to help users add valid data
  • Require any number of fields to ensure complete documentation
  • Customize data import and export options
  • Define secure user access rights, roles, and groups
  • Set display settings including color themes and font sizes

Customize the View

Both administrators and end users have the option to choose from a variety of included display themes to customize the look of the Altova ContractManager interface.

Customize the display of Altova ContractManager

Get Started in Seconds - for Free

You don’t have to sit through a sales demo, enter a credit card, or wade through complicated training materials to get started with Altova ContractManager.

It takes only a moment to create a secure Altova Cloud account and start a free, 30-day subscription to ContractManager. The Altova Cloud gives you immediate access without needing to download software or enter a license.

Affordable Pricing

When your firm is ready to purchase a subscription, Altova ContractManager pricing starts at $25/month per user ($299 billed annually). Monthly subscriptions will also be available at $29/month per user. This is hundreds less per year than competing solutions! Users can start the purchasing process by clicking Manage Subscription in the Altova Cloud portal.