Corporate Evaluation Extension Request Form

We normally offer a 30-day evaluation period for all our products by giving you FREE time-limited licenses that expire after 30 days.

If your evaluation period has already expired and you have decided that you want to buy our software, but your corporate purchasing process takes more time to complete, you can request an extension of your evaluation period here.

To request an extension of your evaluation period from our corporate sales team, please enter the product you are interested in, the number of licenses, and your complete contact information for both a technical contact and a purchasing contact into this form. For additional information on how this information will be stored and processed, please review our Privacy Policy.

Note: We only grant one extension of the evaluation period per customer and we reserve the right to review and verify the contact information you provide on this page before sending out an evaluation extension license.

To start a 30-day software evaluation, simply download and install the desired Altova software. This form is only for those who want to extend the evaluation period.

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