Release Notes

Release Notes

The latest version of the Altova product line adds several new features and also includes cumulative bug-fixes for all the defects listed below.

The latest releases of XMLSpy® 2017, MapForce® 2017, StyleVision® 2017, SchemaAgent® 2017, UModel® 2017, DiffDog® 2017, and Authentic® 2017 are now available for downloading.

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39279French version of DiffDogDiffDogIDE GUI
42244Unable to view tables in SQL Azure DBAll/Multiple ProductsDatabase functionality
44525RaptorXML Java API example fails with com.altova.raptorxml.HTTPServerExceptionRaptorXMLServer+XBRLExample files
44546Mapforce doesn't allow to insert valid customer's XSD file to mappingMapForceXML Validator
47544Wrong nvarchar generation in mapping to Azure SQLMapForceDatabase functionality
49921Stylevision server starts slowly on CentosStylevisionServerGeneral Application
51065MapForce fails to read HTTP response for REST web serviceMapForceWebservices
52761Application.Documents.NewFileFromText method returns an error if the first parameter is not well formed xml (even for non xml file types)XMLSpyScripting Environment
52818"Unknown reason" error when executing customer mapping to sql server MapForceDatabase functionality
52822Multiple source files mapping generates incorrect output in FlowForceMapForceCode Generation
52869Large difference in 2017 output for customer mapping created with version 2016R2SP1MapForceMapforce Preview
52908XLSX file generation fails when output directory or filename contains a spaceMapForce ServerExcel file functionality
52937Sample generated from customer xsd with XML signature is invalidXMLSpyXML Digital Signatures
52968Database mapping with nested tables fails: "Reason: Unknown reason". Version 2016R2SP1 works.MapForceDatabase functionality
52977Mapping with WSDL web service call created in 2016r2sp1 crashes in MapForce 2017sp1MapForceWebservices
52982Unable to cast object of type 'System.Xml.XmlSignificantWhitespace' to ty pe 'System.Xml.XmlElement' exception is thrown when xml:space="preserve" attribute appears on "workbook" element in workbook.xml of excel archiveMapForceCode Generation SPL
53001Output of customer mapping changed as of v2017 with max/parent-context and logical-and issuesMapForceIDE GUI
53019MapForce sends unwanted "Expect 100-continue" header in REST PUT operationMapForceWebservices
53020"Go to next occurrence" remembers previous Find value rather than new oneXMLSpyIDE GUI
53028Custom xslt function throws mapping validation error about argument typesMapForceXSLT Generation
53063Unexpected assertion warnings in NL 11.0 taxonomyRaptorXMLServer+XBRLXBRL validation