Release Notes

Release Notes

The latest version of the Altova product line adds several new features and also includes cumulative bug-fixes for all the defects listed below.

The latest releases of XMLSpy® 2017, MapForce® 2017, StyleVision® 2017, SchemaAgent® 2017, UModel® 2017, DiffDog® 2017, and Authentic® 2017 are now available for downloading.

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48999Crash when mapping large XLSX to CSV - file specificMapForceCSV/FLF
53416Customer mapping crashes MapForce v2017sp2 on output previewMapForceMapforce Preview
53556Improve QName supportEBAXBRLAddInIDE GUI
53568MapForce v2017sp2 throws error running SQL script of customer FlexText-to-DB mapping which v2016r2sp1 runs successfullyMapForceDatabase functionality
54101'maxOpenCursor' error in Oracle based web service projectMapForceCode Generation SPL
54107Chart worksheet not used in excel component causes error "Lookup does not contain the value for the given key"MapForceExcel file functionality
54108Describe that bulk transfer cannot be supported for native PostgreSQL connectionsMapForceDatabase functionality
54111Add New Sheet and Remove Sheet actions behave incorrectEBAXBRLAddInIDE GUI
54152XMLSpy crashes debugging customer XSLTXMLSpyXSLT/XQ Debugger
54157Document an example of a job which uses both a MapForce mapping and a StyleVision transformationFlowForceHelp
54160MapForce crashes adding SELECT statement to iSeries database componentMapForceDatabase functionality
54176The function commandline doesn't stop on error on WindowsFlowForceJobs
54234Crash/hang for Excel mapping (file specific, huge worksheet)MapForceExcel file functionality
54299Help won't open in German XMLSpy Enterprise editionXMLSpyDocumentation
54339Incorrect 997 file generated in customer mappingMapForceEDI-X12-HL7
54363Print preview is miniaturized to one pageXMLSpyIDE GUI
54367Crash when running MFX file generated with MapForce before 2017r3 with DB targetMapForce ServerGeneral Application
54369Some xslt contents are copied as white (invisible) textXMLSpyIDE GUI
54384HIPAA 820-A1 error: Extra repetition of 'DTM_2'MapForceEDI-X12-HL7
54434MapForce doesn't display the target connections to XBRL dimensionsMapForceXBRL