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Altova Press Releases
Altova Launches MobileTogether 3.2 with New Features for NFC, Text-to-speech, and More

Altova announced the release of MobileTogether 3.2, its cross-platform mobile development framework. This release introduces over 18 important new features for building sophisticated, data-centric mobile apps. Highlights include support for NFC (near field communication), the ability to access mobile device contacts, text-to-speech functionality, numerous enhancements for table and chart creation, and much more.

Altova Tools Receive Upgrades and Innovative Features in Latest Release

Altova announced the release of Version 2017 Release 3 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software products. This release includes new revolutionary back-mapping of XSLT and XQuery output in XMLSpy, a powerful new ‘join’ component for data mapping in MapForce, and the ability to convert a StyleVision design to a MobileTogether mobile app design. This release also introduces a new edition of MapForce Server called MapForce Server Accelerator Edition with specific optimizations for customers who need super-high performance processing in their data transformations.

Altova Adds Support for Barcodes and Automated App Testing in MobileTogether 3.0

Altova announced the release of MobileTogether Version 3.0, its cross-platform mobile development framework for building native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and other devices. Version 3.0 ships with an impressive array of new functionality, from developer-requested features such as barcode scanning and automated testing support, to flexibility improvements in the form of multi-level stylesheets and print-to-file functionality, all of which will give MobileTogether developers the edge they need to build sophisticated apps faster than is possible with other solutions.

Version 2017 Features New Functionality for Big Data, Databases, XBRL, and More

With support for Apache Avro in multiple products, additional databases and drivers across the product line, and two new XBRL specifications in developer and server products, plus a new way to build and process PDF forms, Version 2017 of Altova desktop developer tools and server software products connects all the data dots.

New Add-in For Excel Lets Users Generate EBA XBRL

The Altova European Banking Authority (EBA) XBRL add-in for Excel makes it easy to build valid EBA XBRL reports using an intelligent spreadsheet template. Fully compliant with the most recent EBA Taxonomy version 2.5, the add-in takes your Excel data and generates valid XBRL behind the scenes for submission.

MobileTogether 2.2 Introduces Features for Multimedia in Mobile Apps

Thanks to invaluable feedback from developers building apps in MobileTogether, we’re constantly adding new functionality to the product. Close on the heels of MobileTogether 2.1, which added over 30 new features, is the latest release: Version 2.2.

Altova Announces MyCollections App for Cataloging Collections

MyCollections lets you catalog any collection whatsoever – whether it’s comprised of actual objects like books, CDs, watches, or camping equipment – or if it’s your favorite places to visit, your great-hikes bucket list, or your birthday wish list. Oh, and it’s free...

New Features for Mobile Development

The latest version of MobileTogether is available today, adding even more functionality to this game-changing framework for building and deploying native mobile apps faster than any other solution.

Five Not-To-Miss Features in Altova's Latest Product Release

Altova v2016r2 introduces over 20 new features and updates to the Altova product line – but that’s a lot to cover in one blog post. Let’s take a look at the top five that are sure to blow your socks off.

MobileTogether Continues to Redefine Mobile Development in Version 2.0

Altova® announced new features in the 2.0 release of MobileTogether, its paradigm shifting mobile development framework for multi-platform, data- centric apps. The 2.0 version of MobileTogether opens doors to a whole new market of developers who need to build customer-facing, cross platform native apps that mobilize essential business and data-centric processes.

Altova Debuts JSON Schema Editor, Data Mapping Debugger, and More

Altova® announced the release of Version 2016 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software products. This latest release introduces innovative new functionality including the first enterprise-grade graphical JSON Schema editor in XMLSpy, the revolutionary, long-anticipated MapForce Data Mapping Debugger for diagnosing and perfecting data mapping projects, Windows 10 support and updated database support across the product line, and so much more.

Altova Meets the Need for Speed Head on with its Latest Release

Altova® announced the availability of Version 2015 Release 4 (v2015r4) of its Altova MissionKit desktop developer tools and complete line of server software products. This release provides new functionality to greatly increase validation speeds for XML and XBRL, adds frequently requested functionality for EDGAR filing validation, provides support for SQLite databases and the TRADACOMS EDI format, and much more.

Top 10 Robust Enhancements That Just Made MobileTogether Even Better

Altova® announced the availability of MobileTogether®1.5. Version 1.5 includes more than 18 important new features and enhancements, adding even more power to this unique, multi-platform mobile development framework for building and deploying in-house app solutions.

Altova Continues Tradition of Robust Standards Support in its Latest Release

Altova® announced the release of Version 2015 Release 3 of its desktop developer tools and server software products. This latest release delivers updated standards support for XPath/XQuery 3.1, innovative new tools for XPath and XQuery development, Web Services Security support, and much more.

Mobile Cross-Platform Framework Updated to Add Android 5, Geo-location Support

Altova® announced the release of version 1.4 of its multi-platform mobile development framework, MobileTogether®. MobileTogether is an easy to use solution that enables companies of any size to quickly design and deploy custom enterprise mobile solutions that are accessible on any mobile device. This release has robust support for geolocation services, support for the latest versions of Android and iOS® mobile device operating systems, and much more.

Altova Announces Commercial Availability of MobileTogether & the Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs It Now

Altova® announced the commercial availability of MobileTogether®, a new, cross-platform mobile development environment. Beta testers of the platform agree: MobileTogether finally makes it practical for businesses to connect to their back-end data and create enterprise mobile solutions for their workforce - regardless of which devices they use - in record time. Read the top 10 reasons you should be looking at this solution for your organization.

Altova Adds Exciting New Functionality in Version 2015

Altova® announced the release of Version 2015 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software products. This release offers exciting new features including support for XQuery Update Facility in XMLSpy®, JSON data mapping and conversion in MapForce®, enhanced support for XBRL Table Linkbase and XBRL Formula in multiple products, performance-enhancing options for workflow automation, and much more.

Altova MobileTogether Lets You Design Powerful Mobile Solutions in Record-Time and Deploy Them to All Device Platforms

Altova® announced the upcoming release of Altova MobileTogether®, a unique cross-platform mobile solution that enables companies to easily put relevant data at the fingertips of their employees, wherever they are. Using MobileTogether, companies design custom enterprise mobile solutions that are accessible on any mobile device, with native support for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets, as well as any other device via a browser-based client.

Altova’s Powerful Data Transformation Platform Gets a Major Update

Altova® announced the availability of Version 2014 Release 2 (v2014r2) with increases in performance and speed to its robust data integration platform, which consists of MapForce®, MapForce Server, and FlowForce® Server.

Altova Amplifies XBRL Support in Version 2014r2

Altova® announced new capabilities for working with XBRL in XMLSpy, its industry-leading XML and XBRL editor, and RaptorXML+XBRL Server, its high-performance XBRL processing server. New support for XBRL Table Linkbase, new functionality for working with XBRL Formula, and a substantial increase in XBRL validation speeds reinforce Altova’s position as a leader in this important space.

Release 2 of Altova’s Version 2014 Product Line Sets the Performance Bar Even Higher

Altova® announced the release of Version 2014 Release 2 of its MissionKit® desktop developer tools and server software products. This release provides a plethora of new functionality to increase performance and efficiency, including the revolutionary new XSL Speed Optimizer in XMLSpy, powerful new data mapping options in MapForce, speed-boosting functionality in Altova server products, updated standards support for XSLT, XQuery, and XBRL in multiple products, and much more.

Altova Introduces a New Online Training Course: XML Schema 1.1

Altova® announced the availability of a brand new Altova Online Training course on XML Schema 1.1 Technology.

This recent addition to a series of technical trainings available on Altova’s web site is appropriate for beginners who need to master the fundamentals of the XML Schema language, as well as seasoned developers who are interested in learning about the new functionality added in XML Schema 1.1.

Altova Introduces Version 2014 of its Developer Tools and Server Software

Altova® announced the release of Version 2014 of its MissionKit® desktop developer tools and server software products. MissionKit 2014 products now include integration with the lightning fast validation and processing capabilities of RaptorXML®, support for Schema 1.1, XPath/XSLT/XQuery 3.0, support for new databases and much more. New features in Altova server products include caching options in FlowForce® Server and increased performance powered by RaptorXML across the server product line.

Altova Announces General Availability of RaptorXML

Altova® announced the general availability of its ground-breaking new XML and XBRL validation and processing server, RaptorXML. Altova RaptorXML is a high-performance XML and XBRL server optimized for today's multi-CPU, multi-core computers and servers. Developers creating solutions using Altova MissionKit XML development and XBRL development tools will be able to power server applications with RaptorXML for hyper-performance, increased throughput, and efficient memory utilization to validate and process large amounts of XML or XBRL data cost-effectively.

Altova Announces a New Family of Server Software Products

Altova® announced its brand new family of high-performance server software products for automating essential business processes. The new FlowForce® Server manages the orchestration of events, triggers, and the automation of workflows and processes. MapForce® Server automates any-to-any data mapping and aggregation processes, and StyleVision® Server automates multi-channel report generation.

Altova Announces a Cutting Edge XML and XBRL Processor, RaptorXML

Altova® announced at the XBRL26 Conference in Dublin, Ireland, a ground-breaking new XML and XBRL validation and processing server called RaptorXML. RaptorXML is highly cross-platform compatible and takes advantage of today’s ubiquitous multi-core and multi-CPU computers and servers to deliver lighting fast processing of XML and XBRL data.

Altova Releases Spanish Language Versions of XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision

Altova® announced that XMLSpy, MapForce® and StyleVision® Version 2012 Release 2 (v2012r2) are now available in fully translated Spanish language versions. The products in Altova’s all-new Spanish v2012r2 product line have been completely localized, enabling users to take advantage of the same powerful functionality available in its English, German, and Japanese language versions.

Altova Unveils Release 2 of its MissionKit 2012

Altova® announced the availability of version 2012 Release 2 (2012r2) of the Altova MissionKit®, its integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools, and complete product line. This latest release includes support working with EPUB files in XMLSpy, sorting of data mapping results in MapForce®, generation of code from UML sequence diagrams in UModel®, RichEdit functionality in StyleVision® and Authentic®, and much more

Altova Announces Availability of its MissionKit Version 2012

Altova® announced the availability of Altova Software Version 2012, which delivers new features across the product line and the Altova MissionKit®, its integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools. Version 2012 adds support for HTML5 and CSS3 in XMLSpy and StyleVision, enhanced ETL capabilities in MapForce, new options for advanced styling in StyleVision, and support for Model Driven Architecture (MDA) in UModel, plus new, Java-friendly options in multiple MissionKit tools.

Altova Delivers Compliance Solutions for HIPAA, HL7, NIEM, and XBRL

Altova® will be highlighting its tools for ensuring compliance with healthcare, financial, government, and other industry standards at FOSE 2011 (Booth #1428), July 19-21, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. The latest release of the MissionKit® – Version 2011 Release 3 – builds upon existing support for working with the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), Health Level 7 (HL7), and National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), while introducing new, native support for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) 5010 standard, and more.

Altova MissionKit 2011 Release 3 Now Available

Altova® announced availability of Version 2011 Release 3 (2011r3) of the Altova MissionKit® and complete product line. Release 3 delivers important new functionality for creating digital signatures for XML documents across multiple MissionKit tools through support for XML Signature. Other important new features include native support for mapping HIPAA 5010 transactions in MapForce®, a brand new PXF file format to enable truly Portable XML Forms in XMLSpy, StyleVision®, and Authentic®, and much more.

The Altova MissionKit Provides XBRL Tools for the Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA)

Altova® announced the Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA) is using the Altova MissionKit® tool suite to transform its internal accounting data into the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format. MACPA looked to Altova to raise its working awareness of the XBRL standard and leverage its financial data in XBRL format to gain efficiencies and improve transparency. They chose the Altova MissionKit software suite, which includes multiple tools for working with XBRL. Specifically, MACPA was able to use XMLSpy, MapForce®, and StyleVision® to customize, map, and publish their XBRL data into content that could be shared among its organization’s members and other non-profits by utilizing the tools’ intelligent wizards, graphical drag-and-drop design models, and various code generation capabilities.

Altova Continues to Enhance its Support for Microsoft Technologies - Office Open XML, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Visual Studio

Altova® offers a host of features for users working with Microsoft® technologies in the Altova MissionKit®, the integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools for XML developers and software architects. The latest release of the MissionKit – Version 2011 Release 2 – builds upon existing support for Microsoft Word and the Office Open XML (OOXML) data format with new functionality for comparing and merging Microsoft Word documents in Altova DiffDog®. Some other MissionKit features helpful for developers, designers, and DBAs working with Microsoft technologies include seamless integration with Visual Studio®, powerful functionality for SQL Server® database development and reporting, integration with SharePoint® Server, and much more.

Altova DiffDog Enhances its File Differencing Capabilities Adding Diff/Merge Support for Microsoft® Word File

Altova® recently announced new support for comparing Microsoft® Word documents using Altova DiffDog®. The new comparison feature was introduced as part of Altova’s launch of Version 2011 Release 2 of its MissionKit® tool suite and entire product line. The integration of Microsoft Word into DiffDog’s user interface delivers greater flexibility as users can utilize familiar Word functions while comparing and editing documents within the diff/merge tool.

Altova Earns ComponentSource Bestselling Publisher and Product Awards

Altova® announced that XMLSpy and MapForce have received 2010-2011 ComponentSource Bestselling Product Awards. Altova was also presented with the Top 10 Bestselling Publisher Award. This is the third consecutive year that both Altova and XMLSpy have been receipts of the awards. This year Altova and XMLSpy were also named to the Top 5 Bestselling Publisher and Top 5 Bestselling Product awards in Japan. The ComponentSource Bestselling Awards are given annually to the Top 100 Bestselling Publishers and Top 100 Bestselling Products based on the total sales dollar value of orders placed by customers during the year.

Altova Adds Unique Enhancements to its XMLSpy XML Editor in Version 2011 Release 2

Altova® recently announced several new, unique enhancements have been added to XMLSpy® Version 2011 Release 2 (v2011r2). XMLSpy is the industry leading XML editor and part of the Altova MissionKit®, an integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools. With the release of Version 2011r2, XMLSpy expands its cutting edge chart and report creation capabilities introduced in Version 2011 with even more functionality for visualizing XML data. XMLSpy v2011r2 also delivers additional resources for working with XML Schemas, functionality for embedding external files in XML, support for customizable document generation, and much more

Version 2011 Release 2 of the Altova MissionKit Delivers Important Enhancements to Chart and Reporting Functionality

Altova® recently announced the availability of Version 2011 Release 2 (2011r2) of the Altova MissionKit®, its integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools. Release 2 includes updates to the entire MissionKit suite as well as Altova’s standalone products and expands upon the cutting-edge chart and report creation functionality introduced in Version 2011 of XMLSpy, StyleVision®, DatabaseSpy®, Authentic®, and AltovaXML®. Customers will find advanced features including several new chart types – stacked bar, area, stacked area, and candlestick – and customizable chart features including chart overlays, background image and color gradients, variable axis label positions, and more, providing even more options for analyzing and reporting database and XML data. Version 2011r2 also includes additional resources for working with XML Schemas in XMLSpy, functionality for direct file output (data streaming) for ETL projects in MapForce®, support for comparing and merging Microsoft® Word documents in DiffDog®, and much more.