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In this section, you will learn how to redefine a type from one schema in another schema. You will also learn how to add a new element to a redefined type. This is also done in XMLSpy. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use the schema book_order.xsd as an example.

To redefine the type PersonInfoType:

1.In SchemaAgent Client, right-click book_order.xsd and select Edit in XMLSpy (Ctrl+Y) from the context menu.


Notice that the schema contains a redefine statement, which was automatically added when you connected the two schemas in the Redefine section discussed previously.

2.Select the line that says "end of redefine" and click Insert ic_schem_ins.

3.Select ComplexType from the menu that pops up and enter "personInfoType" as the name for this type.


4.Click the Display Diagram ic_component icon for personInfoType. The content model of personInfoType, as defined in event_registration.xsd, appears.


5.Right-click the personInfoType2 complexType, and select Add child | Sequence from the context menu.


6.Right-click the new sequence icon and select Add Child | Element from the context menu.


7.Enter "customerNumber" as the name for this element.

8.In the Details entry helper, select xs:string from the type drop-down list.


9.Save the file.


You have now redefined personInfoType to be used as a type in the XML schema book_order.xsd.



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