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SchemaAgent Server

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SchemaAgent Server processes client requests to create, update, or delete schema IIRs (Includes, Imports, and Redefines) and references between schemas and supported files, and manages the communication between SchemaAgent Server and its clients.


SchemaAgent Server reads information about the supported files in a folder you identify (and optionally in that folder's subfolders)—the search path. You can define multiple search paths; the configuration instructions are identical on the server and client, see Adding or Editing Search Paths. SchemaAgent Server determines the relationships between files on the search path and creates an internal map of these files and their components.


Once the search paths are defined on the server, you can view and administer the relationships between files in the defined search paths from within the graphical user interface of any connected client.


If a folder that is in a search path has its structure modified outside SchemaAgent Server (for example, if a folder is deleted from Windows Explorer), then this information is not updated in SchemaAgent Server until search paths are reloaded.


SchemaAgent Server and its clients transfer data using UDP and TCP over port 2799.

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