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Altova SchemaAgent 2020

SchemaAgent Tutorial

Viewing MapForce Design (MFD) Files

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In this section, you will learn how to use SchemaAgent Client to view the components of MapForce Design (MFD) files. Drag the MFD files from the Explorer and drop them onto a Design window. Using the options in the context menu, you can also insert all (directly) referenced or linked files into the design.


Expand the MFD file boxes and the individual sections within them to see the details of the IIR relations between the MFD files, XML schemas, and XML instances. Use the context menu to expand or collapse children and to adapt the size of the file box to view all expanded details.


To view MapForce design (MFD) files in SchemaAgent:

1.In SchemaAgent Client, select the menu option File | New, or click the New ic_new icon in the Standard toolbar, or press Ctrl+N to open a new Design window.

2.In the Explorer window, select ExpenseLimit.mfd, HasMarketingExpenses.mfd, MarketingAndDailyExpenses.mfd, and MarketingExpenses.mfd from the MapForce folder and drag them into the Design window.

3.Right-click the files and select Insert | All directly referenced | Files from the context menu. The related XML schemas and their relationships appear in the Design window.

4.Click the expand ic_expand icon to expand the file box of each of the MFD files. Now you can see the MapForce Design files and their related XML schemas.

5.Click the expand button in front of an XML schema to view its XML instances and components. To expand all children of an item, right-click that item and select Expand all children from the context menu.

6.To resize the file box and view all expanded items, right-click anywhere into the white area of the file box and select Size to fit from the context menu.

7.Optionally, position the cursor over the title bar of a MapForce file box to get a Quickinfo bubble that displays information about that file.

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