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After you have inserted files into a Design window, you can arrange the file boxes on the design pane by dragging them to the desired location with the mouse. For designs containing a large number of files, the Overview window provides an overview so that you can see at a glance where in the design the visible part is located.


You can resize boxes by dragging box borders as well as expand or collapse them by clicking the expand ic_expand button in the title bar of boxes.


Within a Design window, you can navigate from one file box to the next using the cursor keys (Up, Down, Left, Right).

To expand or collapse a file box:

Click the expand ic_expand button in the title bar or a file box.

To expand or collapse the tree structure in a file box:

Do one of the following:


To expand or collapse individual items, click the plus or minus icons to the left of the item.

To expand or collapse an individual item and its children, right-click the item and select Expand all children or Collapse all children from the context menu.


To expand or collapse all items in a file box, right-click any item in the box and select Expand all or Collapse all from the context menu.

To show all expanded items in a file box:

Right-click anywhere in an expanded section of the file box and select Size to fit from the context menu.

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