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Removing Files from a Design

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In contrast to deleting a file in the Explorer window, a file that is removed from a design will remain available in the file system of your computer as well as in other designs where it is contained.


Note:Be sure that the focus of the selected file is on the Design window and not in the Explorer window if you just want to remove the file from the design. Otherwise you will delete the file from your file system and it will not be removed from the design but will appear as a so-called unknown file since the relevant SchemaAgent server is not able to locate a file of the given name in any of its search paths. Such a file is represented in Design windows with a yellow exclamation mark.

The only way to bring a deleted file back into use (thus making the yellow exclamation mark disappear) is to have the file physically re-created or copied from a backup to its correct location.

To remove a file from a design:

Do one of the following:


Right-click a file in a Design window and select Delete from the context menu.

Select a file in a Design window and choose the menu option Edit | Delete or press the Delete key.

Click the Delete ic_delete button in the Standard toolbar.

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