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A Design window is where you can view and graphically design and manage the relationships, that is IIRs (Includes, Imports, or Redefines), between an unlimited number of W3C XML schemas, and also display the relationships between XSLT stylesheets, Web Services Description (WSDL) files, MapForce Design (.mfd) files or XML files and their associated schemas. In this way, you can organize schemas (and .mfd or XML files) into collections of related files.


A SchemaAgent design can be saved as an .sad file for editing at a later time. Note that a set of files (and, therefore, their relationships) can be contained in multiple SchemaAgent designs. Any IIR relationship created in a SchemaAgent design is immediately propagated to the respective files as soon as the relationship is created.

To open a new SchemaAgent design window:

Select the menu command File | New (Ctrl+N) or click the New ic_new toolbar button.

To open an existing SchemaAgent design (file):

1.Select the menu command File | Open (Ctrl+O) or click the Open ic_open toolbar button. The Open dialog box appears.

2.Select the desired file and click Open.

To open a recently used design file:

On the File menu, click one of the recently opened files.

To save a design:

1.Select the menu command File | Save (Ctrl+S) or click the Save ic_save button in the Standard toolbar. Alternatively, select the menu command File | Save As... if you want to save the file under a different file name or path.

2.If the design has not been saved before, choose a path and enter a file name in the Save As dialog box.

To close the currently active design file:

1.Select the SchemaAgent design window for the design file you want to close.

2.Select the menu command File | Close.

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