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Altova SchemaAgent 2021

The File menu contains all commands relevant to manipulating files, in the order common to most Windows software products.



The New ic_new (Ctrl+N) command opens a new Design window.



The Open... ic_open (Ctrl+O) command pops up the Windows Open dialog box and allows you to open any  design file (*.sad). In the Open dialog box, you can select more than one file to open. Use the Files of Type drop-down list to restrict the kind of files displayed in the dialog box.



The Close command closes the active window. If the file was modified (indicated by an asterisk * after the file name in the title bar), you will be asked if you wish to save the file first.



The Save ic_save (Ctrl+S) command saves the contents of the active window to the file from which it has been opened. If there are unsaved changes in the active window, the Save As dialog box is opened automatically.


Save As...

The Save As... command pops up the Windows Save As dialog box, in which you enter the name and location of the file you wish to save the active file as.


Export to image...

The Export to image... command pops up the Windows Save As dialog box, in which you can export the active file as PNG image.



The Print... ic_print (Ctrl+P) command opens the Print dialog box, in which you can select printer options and print the active file.


Print Preview

The Print Preview command opens the Print dialog box. Click the Preview button to display a print preview of the currently active document.


Print Setup...

The Print Setup... command displays the printer-specific Print Setup dialog box, in which you specify such printer settings as paper format and page orientation. These settings are applied to all subsequent print jobs.


Most Recently Used Files

The File menu displays a list of the four most recently used files, with the most recently opened file shown at the top of the list. You can open any of these files by clicking its name. To open a file in the list using the keyboard, press ALT+F to open the File menu, and then press the number of the file you want to open.



The Exit command is used to quit SchemaAgent Client. If you have any open files with unsaved changes, you are prompted to save these changes. SchemaAgent Client also saves modifications to program settings and information about the most recently used files.

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