Altova SchemaAgent 2024

You can move existing Includes, Imports, and Redefines from one schema box to another using drag-and-drop. If the relationship with the new schema is not valid, a message box to this effect pops up and the relation remains unchanged.

To move an existing IIR relationship:

1.Click the connector line of the IIR relation you wish to move and drag the cursor to the schema in which the IIR statement is to appear instead. If minimized, the target schema box expands, allowing you to drop the connector onto one of the IIR entries.

2.Place the cursor over the desired IIR entry.

3.When the desired IIR entry turns bold and a frame appears around it, drop the connector. The IIR command has now been inserted in the schema, and a drop-down symbol appears next to the IIR entry.

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