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The Help menu contains commands required to get help or more information on SchemaAgent, as well as links to information and support pages on our web server.



The Help (F1) command opens the application's Help documentation (its user manual). By default, the Online Help in HTML format at the Altova website will be opened.


If you do not have Internet access or do not want, for some other reason, to access the Online Help, you can use the locally stored version of the user manual. The local version is a PDF file named Application.pdf that is stored in the application folder (in the Program Files folder).


If you want to change the default format to open (Online Help or local PDF), do this in the Help section of the Options dialog (menu command Tools | Options).



Support Center

This command provides links to the FAQs, online documentation, and the support form for contacting Altova support.


FAQ on the Web

Same as above.


SchemaAgent Server on the Internet

This command opens the Altova website in a browser window, where you can find out about news, product updates and additional offers from the Altova team.


About SchemaAgent Server

This command displays copyright information and the version of SchemaAgent Server. If you are using the 64-bit version of SchemaAgent, this is indicated with the suffix (x64) after the application name. There is no suffix for the 32-bit version.

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