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Starting SchemaAgent Client

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To start SchemaAgent Client, do one of the following:


Double-click the SchemaAgent icon on your desktop.

Click Start sa_ic_winstart and start typing "SchemaAgent" to access the program's shortcut.


When prompted to connect to a server, you have the following options:


Work Locally. Choose this option to start a local server and connect to it. In this approach, you can start configuring the search paths immediately, from the Explorer window. Note that, since the server runs locally, no other SchemaAgent clients can connect to it.

Connect to a network server. Choose this option to connect to a previously installed SchemaAgent Server on the local network. The SchemaAgent Server must be running in order to appear in the list. In this approach, you must configure the search paths on the server. Any clients connected to the server are able to view and manage files on the search path.


See also Connecting to a Server.

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