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The Edit menu contains commands for editing file boxes in the Design window.



The Cut ic_cut (Shift+Delete) command copies the selected item to the clipboard and deletes it from its present location.



The Copy ic_copy (Ctrl+C) command copies the selected item to the clipboard. This can be used to duplicate data within SchemaAgent Client or to move data to another application.



The Paste ic_paste (Ctrl+V) command inserts the contents of the clipboard at the current cursor position.



The function of the Delete ic_delete command depends on where the selected file is located and has the focus:


If the focus is in a Design window, the selected file is removed from the design.

If the focus is in the Explorer window, the selected file is deleted from the file system. You will have to confirm the command before the file is actually deleted.



The Recreate commands creates a new file with the name of the ghost schema as a rudimentary schema at the location specified in the reference. This command is available only if a ghost schema is selected either in the Explorer window or in a Design window.


Synchronize Selection

The Synchronize Selection ic_synchronize-selection command synchronizes the selected files in the Explorer and the active Design window. It works from both sides, that is, you can select a file in the Explorer and use the command to select the corresponding file box in the active Design window or vice versa.


Note:The Synchronize Selection command works only for the active Design window. If you select a file in the Explorer that is contained in a Design window that is not currently active, choosing the Synchronize Selection command has no effect.



The Select sub-menu contains options for selecting files in the active Design window. See also Selecting Files, Directly Related Files, Indirectly Related Files, and Linked Files.


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