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Exiting SchemaAgent Server

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If SchemaAgent Server runs as a standalone server, you can exit it using the instructions below. If SchemaAgent Server runs as a service, you can stop it from Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services instead.


Please note that if you exit SchemaAgent Server while clients are still connected, these clients will lose their connection to SchemaAgent Server and thus will not be able to process commands that depend on a connection to SchemaAgent Server (e.g., commands such as creating or modifying an IIR relationship in a SchemaAgent design). Therefore, a dialog box appears in this case, displaying the number of currently connected clients and asking whether shutdown should be continued.

To exit SchemaAgent Server, do one of the following:

In the SchemaAgent Server GUI, select the menu option File | Shutdown.

Right-click the Altova SchemaAgent Server sa_ic_server application icon in the system tray and select Shutdown from the context menu.

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