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In this section, you will create an include relationship between the following schemas from the SchemaAgentExamples\Tutorial\include_redefine folder:


event_registration.xsd: This schema is structured to contain information about a participant who registers for a sporting event. Because these events have fees, a type for containing credit card information is also defined in this schema.

dvd_order.xsd: This schema is structured to contain order details for mail order DVDs, and customer shipping details.


The goal is to have dvd_order.xsd include types from event_registration.xsd, specifically those that store customer and credit card data.

To display schemas in a Design window:

1.Select the menu option File | New, or click the New ic_new icon, or press Ctrl+N to open a new Design window.

2.In the Explorer window, click the Hierarchical tab.

3.Select event_registration.xsd and dvd_order.xsd from the "include_redefine" folder and drag them into the Design window.

Note:To drag and drop more than one file at the same time, click the files while holding down the Ctrl key. Drag and drop a folder to put all the files it contains in the Design window.

To create an include relationship:

1.Click the small white triangle on the right side of event_registration.xsd and drag the connector line to dvd_order.xsd.


2.Release the mouse button over the word "includes". A green arrow that points from event_registration.xsd to dvd_order.xsd appears.


This arrow shows that an include relationship has been made between these schemas.

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