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Altova SchemaAgent 2020

The Tools tab allows you to add your personal menu items, e.g., links to other applications, to the Tools menu.


Any user-defined entries will appear above the standard menu items in the Tools menu.


To add a user-defined tool:

1.Click the New ic_new-tool icon in the Menu contents title bar or press the Insert key.

2.In the text field that appears, enter the string that is to appear as menu entry in the Tools menu.

3.In the Command field enter the path to the EXE file of the application or use the browse ic_browse button to select the path.

4.If applicable, enter arguments needed to start the application in the Arguments field.

5.Enter the path to the initial directory, if required.

To change the sequence of user-defined tools:

Select an entry and use the Move Item Up ic_move-item-up and Move Item Down ic_move-item-down buttons to move the menu item. Alternatively, you can also use the shortcut keys Alt+Up and Alt+Down to move the entry.

To rename a user-defined menu item:

Double-click an item in the Menu contents field and edit the entry.

To remove a user-defined tool:

Select the entry you want to remove from the Tools menu and click the Delete ic_delete-tool icon in the Menu contents title bar or press the Delete key.

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