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Files that are directly related are displayed with an uninterrupted connector line between them in a Design window.


Directly referenced files

These are files that are directly referenced with an include, import, or redefine (IIR) statement. For example, if Schema A has an Include statement that references Schema B, then Schema B is directly referenced by Schema A.


An XML file can reference one or several XML schemas or XSLT stylesheets.


An XSLT file can import XML schemas, and import or include other XSLT files. Moreover, it can also have one or more inline schemas defined. All these relations are direct references.


Other imported WSDL files and XML schemas as well as any inline schemas that may exist are directly referenced by WSDL files.


An .mfd file directly references its source and target schemas as well as XML instances.



Directly referencing files

In this case, the file to be inserted references the selected file with an IIR statement, that is, the selected file is referenced by the file to be inserted. In our example above, Schema A is directly referencing Schema B and Target.xsd is directly referencing Design File.mfd.


All directly related

This option applies to both directly referenced and directly referencing files.

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