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Viewing WSDL files

When you add a WSDL file to a Design window, it appears as collapsed WSDL file box.


The expanded box shows four sub-sections for imported WSDL or XML schema files, inline schemas, and definitions.


When you further expand the sub-sections, you can view details about the imported WSDL files or XML schema, the inline schemas, and the individual definitions of the web service.


As of version 2010 Release 2, SchemaAgent also supports WSDL 2.0.



To view a WSDL file:

1.Drag-and-drop the WSDL file you want to view from the Explorer window onto a Design window or use the context menu to add the file to the current design.
2.Optionally, expand the sub-sections to view detailed information on imported WSDL or schema files, inline schemas, or web service definitions (WSDL 1.1) or web service descriptions (WSDL 2.0), respectively.

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