Altova RecordsManager

Offline Use

Continue Work - Even Without a Connection

When an app built with RecordsManager is running on a mobile device, it may be useful to enable offline use to continue working when an Internet connection is not stable or altogether unavailable. This can be useful for field workers on the road, during airline travel, and so on.

The user can choose for the entire app to be available when working offline or just specific containers. Data for the selected containers will be transferred to the user’s device for offline use.

The end user can continue to view existing records and even add new records during offline use. When an Internet connection is restored, the user has the option to save any newly added records or discard them.

To preserve data integrity, existing records are read-only and cannot be edited during offline access.

Enabling Offline Use

On the app home page, the end user can enable offline use (circled in red) and then choose which data containers should be available for access offline.

Enable offline use in the app

Working Offline

Once the user goes offline, records in the previously selected data containers are available on the device for viewing. To preserve data integrity, fields in existing records are read-only during offline use. Records in any data containers that were not selected for offline use are unavailable.

offline app use

Adding a New Record

Users can add new records while working in the app in offline mode. Any updates can be saved back to the repository when the user next has reliable Internet service.

Adding a record to the database while offline

Saving Offline Changes Back to the Database

When Internet is restored and offline mode is turned off, the user is prompted to either save any new records created on the road or discard them.

Saving offline changes

What's Next?

Read about more features for end user convenience including built-in change and audit tracking.

Get Started with RecordsManager

RecordsManager is a free, pre-built MobileTogether solution that is available for you to start using when you install MobileTogether Designer. Use the link below to download and install the free Altova MobileTogether Designer to get started on your first RecordsManager app.