Altova DiffDog 2024 Enterprise Edition

The Status Bar, located at the bottom of the DiffDog application window, displays the following application-level information:


A description of menu command and toolbar icon actions; displayed when the mouse cursor is placed over the command or icon. This information is on the left side in the Status Bar.

Position of the cursor in a document, in terms of line number and character number (lower-right corner)

Status of the Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys (lower-right corner)

If you are using the 64-bit version of DiffDog, this is indicated in the status bar with the suffix (x64) after the application name. There is no suffix for the 32-bit version.


You can toggle the Status Bar on and off using the Status Bar command in File Comparison, XML Schema Comparison, Directory Comparison, Database Data Comparison, and Database Schema Comparison windows.


Note:Do not confuse the Application Status Bar described here with the File Comparison and Directory Comparison Status Bars, which are located at the bottom of Comparison Windows and contain information about that comparison. Comparison Window status bars are described in the DiffDog Interface section.


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