Altova DiffDog 2023 Enterprise Edition

Modifying the Microsoft Word Comparison Options

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The Word tab of the Comparison Options dialog box displays the options that are used for the comparison of  Microsoft Word documents.




DiffDog can compare the documents either on sentence level or at paragraph level.


View results

By activating the Show differences within lines check box, you can display the differences on character level.


If the check box is deactivated, differences are displayed only on sentence/paragraph level, that is, character level differences are not highlighted. Only the sentence/paragraph, as a whole, is indicated as being different.




See Comparison Options for Whitespace Characters.


Case sensitivity

Activate the Ignore case check box if upper and lower casing should be ignored when checking for differences.



Here you define whether blank lines should be ignored.



You can specify which type of formatting should be considered when comparing documents. If differences in formatting are found, the entire sentence that contains the difference is marked as not equal.


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