Altova DiffDog 2024 Enterprise Edition

After running a CSV or database data comparison, you can save it to a file. This will save you time in future, whenever you want to compare the same data sources. Database data comparison (.dbdif) files store the connection details of the databases or CSV files involved in comparison, as well as the database objects selected for comparison. Passwords are stored in encrypted form inside comparisons files.

To save a data comparison to a file:

1.Run a comparison.

2.On the File menu, click Save As, and select "Altova Database Data Comparison (.dbdif)" as file type.

To open a data comparison file:

On the File menu, click Open Comparison File, and browse for the .dbdif file.


With DiffDog Server, you can run database data comparisons (.dbdif files) on Linux, macOS or Windows operating systems. For more information, see Automation with DiffDog Server.

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