Altova DiffDog 2024 Enterprise Edition

Configuring the Word Comparison Window

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The Word Comparison window provides a toolbar which enables you to configure the view of the documents that are displayed in the comparison window, and refresh the screen after comparisons.


Configuring the view

Since DiffDog runs Microsoft Word inside the Word Comparison window, some Microsoft Word functions are available in DiffDog and you can use the buttons of the toolbar to switch them on or off.


ic_show-revisions Show/Hide Revisions and Comments: Revision marks and comments that have been added to a Microsoft Word document are hidden by default when the document is displayed in DiffDog. Activate the Show/Hide Revisions and Comments toggle to view them in the Word Comparison window. Please note that this setting also influences the result of a comparison: hidden revisions and comments will not be considered during a comparison.

ic_show-hide-formatting Show/Hide formatting symbols: Shows or hides non-printing formatting characters such as blanks, paragraph marks, tabs, etc.



ic_zoom-page Zoom to Fit Page: Sizes both documents so that an entire page is displayed in each pane of the Word Comparison window.

ic_zoom-100 Zoom 100%: Zooms the documents in the panes to 100%. You will have to use the scrollbars to navigate through the documents.


Refreshing the display

ic_refresh-GUI Refresh GUI: After you have edited a document in DiffDog, you can refresh the display by clicking this button. Note that this does not reload the documents.

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