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Generating a MapForce Mapping

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If you have MapForce® installed on your computer, you can create a MapForce Mapping for the compared root element from within DiffDog and display it in a new instance of MapForce. Depending on whether you choose the Left to Right or the Right to Left command, you can determine which file is used as source or target, respectively.


If you choose the Generate MapForce mapping Left to Right command in the XML Schema Comparison above, you will get the following mapping in MapForce:


To generate a MapForce mapping:

1.Define the root element for which you want to generate the MapForce mapping.

2.Run an XML Schema comparison.

3.Right-click the title bar of either component or anywhere into the XML Schema Comparison window and select Generate MapForce mapping Left to Right or Generate MapForce mapping Right to Left. The mapping opens in a new MapForce instance. Alternatively, click the Generate Result Left to Right ic_copy-L2R or Generate Result Right to Left ic_copy_R2L button in the Diff and Merge toolbar and select the Generate MapForce Mapping radio button in the Generate result dialog box.


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