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Command Line Syntax

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The command line options are simple switches and are optional. If not specified, the option is off. For best results, it is recommended that you specify the /cD or /cF option, to explicitly instruct DiffDog that you are comparing either files or directories. Note, however, that, if you use DiffDog as a differencing tool for a source control system, some control systems will not accept additional arguments except the file names.


Although they are organized into groups, the options listed below can appear in any order. The options are not case-sensitive, and you can use either the minus sign (-) or the slash (/) before options. The command line syntax is as follows:


DiffDog.exe [source name1 name2 [name3]] [general options] [compare mode] [compare options] [filter filtername] [directory compare options] [file-filter file filtername]



/cd        compare directories

/cf        compare files


name1 name2:

names of files or directories to compare



name of the third file to compare (applicable only for three-way comparisons, see Three-Way Comparisons).


general options

/h        opens the help file


compare mode:

/mE        compare according to extension settings

/mX        compare as XML

/mT        compare as text

/mB        compare binary


compare options:

/dD        detailed differencing

/dL        show differences within lines

/iB        ignore blank lines

/iC        ignore case but not in node names

/iCN        ignore case

/iD        ignore node depth

/iN        ignore namespace


 ignore node types (Attributes, CData, Comments, Processing Instructions, Doctype, XML declaration)

/iOA        ignore order of attributes

/iOC        ignore order of child nodes

/iOC A G groupname T

 ignore order of child nodes and add attributes as comparison criteria (All Attributes, Specific Attributes as defined in Group groupname, Add Element Text as Comparison Criteria)

/iP        ignore prefixes

/iT        ignore text (XML)

/e        resolve entities

/wN        normalize whitespaces

/wS        strip all whitespaces



/f        filter out specific elements/attributes



name of predefined filter


directory compare options:

/iS        ignore sub-directories



/fD        filter out specific files/directories in directory comparison


file filtername:

name of predefined file-filter


Note:Some Comparison Options apply to XML Comparison Mode only (for example, /dD, /iN and /iNT). These options will therefore be ignored if the [compare mode] option is not /mX.

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