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Selecting Microsoft Word Documents for Comparison

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Microsoft Word documents can be selected for comparison in various ways. You can open a new Word Comparison window and select documents, re-open a previous comparison, or change the documents in the currently open Word Comparison window. In addition, you can select a pair of documents in Windows Explorer and use a context menu option to start a comparison in DiffDog.


Dragging documents into a DiffDog Word Comparison window

If you drag and drop files from the Windows Explorer into the respective panes of a Word Comparison window, the documents will be opened for comparison. However, you can deactivate the Open/Insert document on drop button so as to insert the document as text box in the Word document that is currently open in the Word Comparison window (this is the default behavior for drag and drop in Microsoft Word). Note that the content of text boxes cannot be compared in DiffDog. Therefore, the Open/Insert document on drop button is by default activated in DiffDog.

To select Microsoft Word documents in the active Word Comparison window:

1.In the left pane of an existing Word Comparison window, do one of the following:


Click the Open ic_open icon and select a file in the Windows Open dialog box.

Enter the full path to a file and click the Apply ic_apply button.

Drag a file from the Windows Explorer into the pane.

Select a previously compared file from the drop-down list.


2.Repeat any of the steps described in step 1 for the right pane.

To start a Microsoft Word document comparison from Windows Explorer:

1.Select two Microsoft Word documents in Windows Explorer.

2.Right-click and choose Compare with Altova DiffDog from the context menu. A new instance to DiffDog is opened, the selected files are displayed in a Word Comparison window, and the comparison is started automatically.

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