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Selecting XML Schemas for Comparison

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XML Schemas can be selected for comparison in various ways. You can open the XML Schemas in a new XML Schema Comparison window, open an XML Schema comparison document (*.xsdif) from the file system, or change the XML Schemas in the currently open XML Schema Comparison window. XML Schemas that have already been compared before are available in a drop-down list in the title bar of each component. Note that you can select only one schema per component.

To select XML Schemas in the active XML Schema Comparison window:

1.In the left component of an existing XML Schema Comparison window, do one of the following:


Click the Browse ic_browse-tool icon and select a file in the Windows Open dialog box.

Double-click the title bar, enter the path to a file and press Enter.

Click the ic_dropdown button and select a previously compared XML Schema from the drop-down list.


2.Repeat step 1 for the right component.

To open an XML Schema comparison document:

Select the menu option File | Open Comparison File... and choose an *.xsdif file from the file system. The comparison is opened in a new XML Schema Comparison window with the name of the comparison document appearing in the comparison window tab.

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