Altova DiffDog 2023 Enterprise Edition

Merging Differences in XML Schemas

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If differences occur in compared XML Schemas, DiffDog does not merge the differences in the two compared XML Schemas but provides XSLT Stylesheets or MapForce Mappings so that you are able to update the XML files that have been generated with the compared XML Schemas. The respective commands are available as menu options in the Diff and Merge menu, as context menu commands, or they can be called by clicking the ic_copy-L2R and ic_copy_R2L toolbar options in the Diff and Merge toolbar.


If you click the Generate Result Left to Right ic_copy-L2R or the Generate Result Right to Left ic_copy_R2L button in the Diff and Merge toolbar, a dialog box is displayed, where you can choose which result is to be generated.


Choose the required option and click OK.

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