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mapping single field from flat file to separare elements in xml Options · View
Posted: Monday, August 26, 2019 10:20:51 AM
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I am new to mapforce and I have run into a bit of a blocker for me.

I am mapping 2 flat files into one xml and in one of the flat files I need to split out the contents of "employedas" to separate elements in the XML depending on the contents.

See this:

The "employedas" field can contain either "academic", "honorary", "student" or "visiting" and this must be mapped to the correct element under "OrganisationAssociations" which are "honoraryOrganisationAssociation", "StaffOrganisationAssociation" etc. etc.

The data like "FTE", "startdate", "enddate" are acutally underlying data to each "OrganisationAssociation" and must follow the correct OrganisationAssociation - and only the correct one.

Please also note that "personID" in the second file must match the "personID" in the first file so that the data is distributed correctly.

I am pretty sure this can be accomplished in mapforce, but I can seem to figure out how :-(

Any help is much appreciated

*Edit: One option is of course to split up my input files to 4 separate files (one for "academic", one for "honorary" etc), but I'd rather not do that.

Posted: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 3:10:22 PM
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On the face of it you just need to filter the source data according to the criteria you mention:

Have you tried this approach? If so and the problem persists please upload (as a zip archive) all the files involved, or contact Technical Support via the Support Forum
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