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Difference in output "Authentic eForm" and others like HTML etc. Options · View
Posted: Thursday, September 7, 2017 2:05:25 PM
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I'm filtering content in a table, however the output between the 'Authentic eForm' and 'HTML, RTF and PDF' is different.
The rows I see in the XPath expression are the ones I see in the 'Authentic eForm'. The problem is I don't see the same rows on the other output formats. Is this a bug in StyleVision or am I doing something wrong?

Below you'll find the "Template Match" I'm using, the problem might be related to the fact that de 'LogisticCorrectionAlternativeType' filter I'm using on the 'MaterialWorkInstruction', doesn't exist in the other elements:

( MaterialWorkInstruction[LogisticCorrectionAlternativeType != 'Obsolete'] | TextWorkInstruction | AdditionalWorkInstruction | QualityWorkInstruction )[ IsPickList = true() and ( MaterialDescription or AdditionalText ) ]
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