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Posted: Thursday, May 24, 2007 12:46:01 PM
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Here some simple instructions te set up altova to use Saxon, a more faster,reliable processor.

1)Download Saxon (make sure you have latest version), unzip it and copy the jar files somewhere in a directory
2)Make a blank text file, rename it so that has filename runSaxon.cmd and put in the same directory as saxon8.jar files
3)Open the file and type the following line:
java -jar saxon8.jar -t %1 %3 >%2
4)Save the file
5)Go to Altova and goto Tool>Options>Xsl
6)If you saved runSaxon.cmd and the jars in the directory
C:\Program Files\Altova\AltovaXML2007\saxon\
Type in External XSL Program field:
"C:\Program Files\Altova\AltovaXML2007\saxon\runSaxon.cmd" %1 %2 %3
Remark that quotes surrounding path are necessary if you have spaces in path (like between 'program' and 'files')
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