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Building user interface using Authentic Options · View
Posted: Thursday, October 22, 2020 9:20:37 AM
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as developer, I am trying to build a folder/file/xml-object explorer view with content preview.
Concept is, same as a standard explorer view, having a tree view on the left and a preview of the content on the right.
We would use an Authentic view to display this interface.
For now, we are barely able to build a simple tree using a loaded .xml and associating xsd/sxlt to produce a .sps file.

Using javascript, how could I interact with the Authentic content to make the view dynamic ?
I mean allow the user to interact with the tree (expand/collapse sections), alter, build and display content on the fly through events (also handle in js).

At first sight it looked like the Authentic view was quite like a web view (with the possibility to load JS and CSS) but it seems not flexible enough to reach my goals. Anyway I don't know this software enough to judge by myself, so should I keep digging or is it definitely not achievable through an Authentic view ?

Any opinion or advice appreciated. Thanks

Posted: Friday, October 23, 2020 7:45:15 AM
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Authentic View is, indeed, much like a web browser view. It offers its' own scripting environment, which you can access in StyleVision.
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