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Posted: Saturday, September 12, 2020 9:21:59 AM
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Hello Guys,

My question is something between Altova Stylevision and mobileTogether designer. I am evaluating MobileTogether. to migrate from Altova to MobileTogether. As I export Authentic to ".mtd" design file and then importing it into the MobileTogether. Some XML files or schemas are not imported and the objects which are visible on the form are just Labels and in one case only a Combo box that filled with only one entry. I am not experienced with Altova or Authentic Design but what I see as an output in Altova "Authentic eform" is a repeating nested Table filled with appropriate data. and this nested table is the form objects that are missed in the exported MobileTogether design file.

As I did take a look at the converted ".mtd" file and I find out there is a tag for <DesignCombo> control and also for other visible labels but I did not find any other control types like a table or nested table in the place that it should have existed. Now I don't know if there is a problem with converting my ".SPS" file or something else! Therefore I am looking forward to your valuable tips or guidance in order to find a solution for that.

I know that StyleVision conversion shows warning that not all entities have an exact match in Mobiletogether but I am looking for a workaround or solution for our case in order not to redesign them all again in MobileTogether.

Note that I converted some examples of Altova to MobileTogether although they were simple and have only simple tables and combo boxes, they ran successfully in MobileTogether designer.

P.s : In StyleVision the form is designed and bundle with ".css" and also functions. I also don't see anything with similar name in ".mtd" file!

How to reproduce it:

1- Open file.sps file in Altova styleVision 2020
2- Check that the Authentic eform is looking good without any problem.
3- Go to file menu -> export as MobileTogether Design File
4- Import it into MobileTogether Designer
5- Run simulator
6- Recieve error design file is not valid
a-undefine namespace error as the setings.xml file is not loaded in the design file
8- Adding all other missing XML files and connecting to available controls. as I mentioned before there is no table that I can connect any XML file as an input to them.
9- Run simulation
10- The output form is not like the form that shows in "Authentic eform" in StyleVision framework. (only label and one combo box...)

Thank you in advance
Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 9:19:57 AM
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I recommend you contact Altova Support directly and send them the SPS (or PXF) in question.
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