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Possible? XSLT in memory combine multiple objects? Options · View
Posted: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 2:49:14 AM
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I am evaluating the 2019 Enterprise version of Altova MissionKit. I have recently started a project where there has been one abandoned attempt and one current attempt to create a complex XML object for consumption by Marshall & Swift. This would be related to the valuation of commercial properties.

I would not consider myself any sort of XML expert, nor with XSLT as most of my chores over the years has been related to data. However, I have been successfully solving issues for some 30 years now. Nothing glamorous :) but work, oddly enough, I enjoy. And I am familiar enough with these technologies to make it work. I just don't work with them all day, every day.

With that, I have a C# project that has several objects whose definitions have, at first glance, had as their primary focus, supporting the desktop application. These now need to be used for this new effort.

I have gone through the existing objects and corrected some of the easier-to-locate issues has been to decorate some classes with the appropriate item which now allows them to be serialized. Additionally, I found and modified a generic serializer as well. The idea is the 'intrude' into existing code as little as possible. No sense causing unnecessary pain. This bit of code handles other objects, not in the above classes. And, works well enough for now.

I am now at the point where I am faced with either more sleuthing, decorating and tweaking or, hopefully, finding a more direct approach. I thought I'd ask for a little guidance here first, perhaps saving some time, effort and unneeded pain. I would very much like to combine all of the aforementioned objects into one that matches the M&S schema. I have all of their definitions, etc. And, I have the various XML fragments on my side. I am surmising that the best path forward would be to do the following;

1. Build a schema in XMLSpy to be as close as possible to the target
2. Use MapForce to 'connect' source and target, making adjustments as needed.
3. Generate an XSLT file that describes the transformation.
4. Somehow bolt all of the above together, hopefully, in memory, send it off, accept the return package and go from there.

Am I anywhere near the proverbial sweet spot? What am I missing or incorrectly presuming, and what sort of subjects should I focus my attention on?

I greatly appreciate your thoughts.



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