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After you download your Altova product software, you can license—or activate—it using either a free evaluation key or a purchased permanent license key.


Free evaluation key. When you first start the software after downloading and installing it, the Software Activation dialog will pop up. In it is a button to request a free evaluation key-code. Enter your name, company, and e-mail address in the dialog that appears, and click Request Now! The evaluation key is sent to the e-mail address you entered and should reach you in a few minutes. Now enter the key in the key-code field of the Software Activation dialog box and click OK to start working with your Altova product. The software will be unlocked for a period of 30 days.
Permanent license key. The Software Activation dialog contains a button to purchase a permanent license key. Clicking this button takes you to Altova's online shop, where you can purchase a permanent license key for your product. There are two types of permanent license: single-user and multi-user. Both will be sent to you by e-mail. A single-user license contains your license-data and includes your name, company, e-mail, and key-code. A multi-user license contains your license-data and includes your company name and key-code. Note that your license agreement does not allow you to install more than the licensed number of copies of your Altova software on the computers in your organization (per-seat license). Please make sure that you enter the data required in the registration dialog exactly as given in your license e-mail.


Note:When you enter your license information in the Software Activation dialog, ensure that you enter the data exactly as given in your license e-mail. For multi-user licenses, each user should enter his or her own name in the Name field.


Your license email and the different ways to license (activate) your Altova product

The license email that you receive from Altova will contain:


Your license details (name, company, email, key-code)
As an attachment, a license file with a .altova_licenses file extension


To activate your Altova product, you can do one of the following:


Enter the email-supplied license details in the Altova product's Software Activation dialog, and click OK.
Save the license file (.altova_licenses) to a suitable location, double-click the license file, enter any requested details in the dialog that appears, and finish by clicking Apply Keys.
Save the license file (.altova_licenses) to any suitable location, and upload it from this location to the license pool of your Altova LicenseServer. You can then either: (i) acquire the license from your Altova product via the product's Software Activation dialog, or (ii) assign the license to the product from Altova LicenseServer. For more information about licensing via LicenseServer, read the rest of this topic.



The Software Activation dialog (screenshot below) can be accessed at any time by clicking the Help | Software Activation command.


You can activate the software by either:


Entering the license key information (click Enter a New Key Code), or
Acquiring a license via an Altova LicenseServer on your network (click Use Altova LicenseServer, located at the bottom of the Software Activation dialog). Select the machine on which the LicenseServer you want to use has been installed. Note that the auto-discovery of License Servers works by means of a broadcast sent out on the LAN. As these broadcasts are limited to a subnet, License Server must be on the same subnet as the client machine for auto-discovery to work. If auto-discovery does not work, then type in the name of the server. The Altova LicenseServer must have a license for your Altova product in its license pool. If a license is available in the LicenseServer pool, this is indicated in the Software Activation dialog (screenshot below), and you can click Save to acquire the license.

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After a machine-specific (aka installed) license has been acquired from a LicenseServer, it cannot be returned to the LicenseServer for a period of seven days. After that time, you can return the machine license to LicenseServer (click Return License) so that this license can be acquired from LicenseServer by another client. (A LicenseServer administrator, however, can unassign an acquired license at any time via the administrator's Web UI of LicenseServer.) Note that the returning of licenses applies only to machine-specific licenses, not to concurrent licenses.


Check out license

You can check out a license from the license pool for a period of up to 30 days so that the license is stored on the product machine. This enables you to work offline, which is useful, for example, if you wish to work in an environment where there is no access to your Altova LicenseServer (such as when your Altova product is installed on a laptop and you are traveling). While the license is checked out, LicenseServer displays the license as being in use, and the license cannot be used by any other machine. The license automatically reverts to the checked-in state when the check-out period ends. Alternatively, a checked-out license can be checked in at any time via the Check in button of the Software Activation dialog.


To check out a license, do the following: (i) In the Software Activation dialog, click Check out License (see screenshot above); (ii) In the License Check-out dialog that appears, select the check-out period you want and click Check out. The license will be checked out. The Software Activation dialog will display the check-out information, including the time when the check-out period ends. The Check out License button in the dialog changes to a Check In button. You can check the license in again at any time by clicking Check In. Because the license automatically reverts to the checked-in status, make sure that the check-out period you select adequately covers the period during which you will be working offline.


Note:   For license check-outs to be possible, it must be enabled on the LicenseServer. If this functionality has not been enabled, you will get an error message to this effect. In this event, contact your LicenseServer administrator.


Copy Support Code

Click Copy Support Code to copy license details to the clipboard. This is the data that you will need to provide when requesting support via the online support form.


Altova LicenseServer provides IT administrators with a real-time overview of all Altova licenses on a network, together with the details of each license, as well as client assignments and client usage of licenses. The advantage of using LicenseServer therefore lies in administrative features it offers for large-volume Altova license management. Altova LicenseServer is available free of cost from the Altova website. For more information about Altova LicenseServer and licensing via Altova LicenseServer, see the Altova LicenseServer documentation.


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When you are ready to order a licensed version of the software product, you can use either the Order license key button in the Software Activation dialog (see previous section) or the Help | Order Form command to proceed to the secure Altova Online Shop.


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Opens the Altova Product Registration page in a tab of your browser. Registering your Altova software will help ensure that you are always kept up to date with the latest product information.


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Checks with the Altova server whether a newer version than yours is currently available and displays a message accordingly.



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A link to the Altova Support Center on the Internet. The Support Center provides FAQs, discussion forums where problems are discussed, and access to Altova's technical support staff.


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A link to Altova's FAQ database on the Internet. The FAQ database is constantly updated as Altova support staff encounter new issues raised by customers.


Click to expand/collapseDownload Components and Free Tools

A link to Altova's Component Download Center on the Internet. From here you can download a variety of companion software to use with Altova products. Such software ranges from XSLT and XSL-FO processors to Application Server Platforms. The software available at the Component Download Center is typically free of charge.


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A link to the Altova website on the Internet. You can learn more about DiffDog and related technologies and products at the Altova website.


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Displays the splash window and version number of your product. If you are using the 64-bit version of DiffDog, this is indicated with the suffix (x64) after the application name. There is no suffix for the 32-bit version.

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